3 Short Tests That Will Tell You A Lot About Your Body

Which of your eyeballs wears the pants? With both eyes open, look through the triangle and center something such as a doorknob in the triangle. Close your left eye. If the object remains in view, you are right eye dominant. If closing your right eye keeps the object in view, you are left eye dominant. What does your voice sound like to everyone else? This test forces the sound of your voice to travel around the room before reaching your ears, so you hear it like others do. Chances are it will sound a lot higher that you expect because of the difference between air-conducted versus bone-conducted sound transmission. How much testosterone were you exposed to in the womb? "Before birth, the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone control genes that in turn dictate finger length," reports National Geographic. "Differences in finger length have been repeatedly linked to a range of human traits, from aggression to musical ability to sexual orientation. There are also connections to health problems such as autism, depression, heart attacks, and cancer." For more fun ways to test yourself, check out the video below. Source: Distractify