Dogs Getting Plastic Surgery Became A New Trend In South Korea, The World Is Baffling

We know there are many celebrities who undergo cosmetic surgery to look ravishing and make a mark in the entertainment industry, but we have not often heard about animals going under the knife. According to Chosun Ilbo, one of South Korea’s biggest newspapers, some people in South Korea are apparently getting cosmetic surgery for their pets in an attempt to make them, especially dogs, look more cute. Chosun Ilbo reports that it’s mostly dogs getting plastic surgery, with popular procedures including tail shortening to make the animal, ahem, cuter and ear trimming to make them pointier as well as procedures humans get like straightening wrinkles, double eyelid surgery, removing stomach stretch marks, removing fat, and even botox. Yes, dog botox. "Plastic surgery for pets in the past were for medical reasons but the result also brought better looking dogs, so there is a growing customer base getting a plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons on their dogs," an unnamed veterinarian said. Another vet, named Dr. Yoon, said that cosmetic surgery for dogs was “medically safe” and that it was “the owner’s right” to make their pet beautiful. However, many netizens have come forward to express their dislike on the increasing number of dog cosmetic surgeries in the country. Then, what do you think? Welcome to share your opinions with us!