When They Get High—Danger Of Various Drugs

In order to defeat drugs, their effects and functions must be detected first. This special project aims to acquire portraits of people when they get high on different substances. Pictures of the substance will then be overlaid on their faces. Warning: Drugs are dangerous and may ruin your life easily. Do not try to recreate this project at home. MDMA MDMA, also known as “molly”, has been used in couples therapy and treating PTSD. Users will experience mental and physical euphoria, increased empathy, sociability, insightfulness, and enhanced tactile sensations. Girl in the picture spent the reminder of evening dancing with friends. Psilocybin Psilocybin, well-known hallucinogenic mushrooms, can make colors look more vivid, and can increase clarity in sound. This photo was taken at a local nightclub. The loud music, bright LED screens and lasers really made his day. LSD LSD is well-known for “little” side-effect. After taking two hits of LSD, the girl in the picture noted intricate visuals and brightened colors, and a general heightened sense of her surroundings. Methamphetamine The man in the picture talked about how he spoke to angels under a bridge about his long struggle with methamphetamine. He described the feeling as a sudden rush of pleasure, increased energy, focus and self-confidence. Oxycontin This user is a Vietnam vet and has been taking painkillers for the last 20 years. Some users experience a euphoric response to opiate medications; since these drugs also affect the brain regions involved in reward. Those who abuse opiates often seek to intensify their experience by taking the drug in ways other than those prescribed. THC In recent years, marijuana has gained a lot of respect for its legitimate medical purposes. It is rapidly losing its sense of taboo and becoming more easily, legally, and readily available than ever before with Colorado and Washington’s legalization of the substance. The American public will soon find out if taxing and controlling this substance will be beneficial to the US economy. Twinkies made their comeback just in time. Adderall In the past 5-7 years, Adderall has become increasingly popular among college students. Its “side” effects include a heightened sense of motivation, focus, and concentration. Presumably, this is the perfect mind set which allows users to “pull all-nighters”, read hundreds of pages at a time, and write in depth, lengthy papers. What many do not realize is how widely this drug is also used among medical professionals. Cocaine This participant said it can become custom with some people after a couple drinks to grab a bag (cocaine) to keep “level”. Cocaine gives its users side effects including increased alertness as well as feelings of well-being and euphoria. Crack Cocaine “Crack” which gets its name from the cracking or popping sound it makes when it is being smoked. He explained he was feeling more energized, more alert and more sensitive to sight, sound and touch. Caffeine Caffeine acts as a stimulant and can fight off drowsiness and make a user more alert. Legal and unregulated, caffeine is the worlds most widely used psychoactive substance. In the United States 90% of adults consume caffeine daily. Hard Liquor No need to elaborate on its effects. We all experienced the blurred or double vision. Beer Maybe the second popular drink for socializing. Nicotine In small doses it can act as a stimulant, it has also been reported to act as a relaxant. Nicotine is historically known as one of the hardest addictions to break. Over a billion people worldwide use nicotine in one form or another. Ketamine Ketamine has been gaining ground as a new, cheaper alternative to MDMA or Cocaine. This user described the experience as watching the world turn to legos and breaking apart followed by everything getting smaller and turning flat until that flatness turns to a point. Source:boredpanda