Which “Game Of Thrones” Male Should You Marry Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

1. Aries You got: Littlefinger Don’t pretend you’re not attracted to him. He fiercely values his freedom and therefore you’ll have all the space you need. But when you are together there’ll be plenty of passion and enthusiasm, while you’ll thrive off his upbeat outlook on life. Just never, ever cross him. Ever. 2. Taurus You got: Tyrion Lannister You’ll never have a dull moment with Tyrion and he’s one of the true gems in the whole of Westeros, so you’re pretty much winning in a big way. He matches your earth sign perfectly because he’s also practical, cautious and you’ve both got a common desire to succeed in life. Now you can succeed together. Amen. 3. Gemini You got: Robb Stark You’re the ultimate couple destined for each other. He shares your sign’s people-oriented approach to life and he’ll always defend you. Although he’s happy to have his own freedom so he can totally handle your non-committal approach to life. Happiness all round. 4. Cancer You got: Loras Tyrell He shares your emotions and vulnerabilities so you’re in for a harmonious, loving relationship. He understands your mood swings and gives you the space you need when the time is right. Plus he’s cute as can be so you can just stare at him and his curly hair ALL day long. 5. Leo You got: Oberyn Martell Well hello there, Oberyn. Get ready for some lust-filled action. He’s equally as fiery as you are so there will be plenty of passion to stop you from getting bored. He’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you cry, and you’ll have a roller coaster of emotions throughout. He’s your perfect Leo play mate. And the fact he’s tall, dark and handsome helps immensely. 6. Virgo You got: Grey Worm He’s just as conscientious as you are so you’ll both always be careful of each other’s feelings. You both have workaholic tendencies but that’s because you both care a lot and have strong, loving characters. He’ll treat you like a queen and your love will grow even more over time. 7. Libra You got: Jaime Lannister He’s totally your perfect partner. He may be a Lannister but he’s the man you need in life as he’s the witty, intellectual companion you desire. He’ll find it easy to adapt to your demanding needs and treat you like the queen that you are. Go you. 8. Scorpio You got: Trystane Martell We have one thing to say to this: Cuuuttttteeeeee. His mere presence will make you smile. Plus he’s a sensitive soul like you so you’ll always defend each other and feel safe when you’re together. Besides, you get to stroke his hair all day so you’re destined for happiness forever. 9. Sagittarius You got: Daario Naharis Hot damn! You lucky, lucky person. He’s pretty easy on the eye and as loyal as they come so you’re in for one happy, passionate ride through life. He values his own independence but he puts your happiness way above his own. And he can most definitely handle your strong, independent streak in return. Stop drooling, start enjoying. 10. Capricorn You got: Jon Snow He’s just as down to earth as you are so you’ll click in perfect harmony. You share the same work ethic and practical approaches to life. His loyalty will keep you safe for eternity and you’ll never be bored when he’s in your arms protecting you. And besides, he’s bloody hot so you win! 11. Aquarius You got: Khal Drogo Are you ready for the most passionate, love-fuelled relationship possible? You’ll love his desire for unpredictable adventure. He may seem boisterous and cold at times but he’s a softy at heart. He understands your emotions perfectly and knows when you need your alone time. This is one beautiful, sensual match. 12. Pisces You got: Gendry He’s hot, he’s hard working and he’s modest. He’ll support you through thick and thin thanks to his strength of character and he’ll be extra attentive. WINNER. Now where the hell is he? Source: BuzzFeed