What are the odds! Woman Naturally Gives Birth To Identical Quadruplets

The couple received quite a shock during a visit to the doctor's office.


1. The Alberta couple were just a typical family.

Tim and Bethani were a newlywed couple living in Alberta. They intended to have a sweet time alone while they happened to learn that Bethani was pregnant only three months after their wedding.


2. Bethani got pregnant quickly.

Though not well-prepared to be parents, they decided to keep the little miracle gifted by the world. However, what the doctor said about the ultrasound almost made them fainted.


3. Surprise!

The ultrasound test showed that there was not one baby inside Bethani's womb, and the couple wondered how many babies they would be expecting. 


4. Any multiple births in the family?

The ultrasound technician asked the couple if there was any history of multiple births in their family. They racked their brains to find the possible answer, but in vain.


5. Not only one baby, but...

The doctor soon confirmed the result. The couple wouldn't be having just one baby. They wouldn't be even having twins or triplets. They were going to give birth to quadruplets!


6. What are the odds!

There's only a 1 in 729,000 chance of naturally conceiving quadruplets at one time.


7. Smooth pregnancy.

Having so many babies at the same time can cause a series of complications. Some babies may not get the resources they need to survive.


8. Normal birth.

Not only was it a smooth pregnancy, the birthing process was just as smooth. All the babies were born healthy with no abnormalities even though they came a little early at 33 weeks.


9. The babies are all identical.

As each baby was born, the couple were shocked to find that each of the four babies were completely identical.


10. Four healthy baby girls.

Having one baby is a miracle, but having four babies that are identical is more extraordinary.


11. The family couldn't be happier.

Having four babies at once can be stressful, but the family couldn't be happier with their four little miracles.


12. Hard to tell apart.

Each baby has similar features and they are hard to tell apart. The couple had to try and learn to distinguish them by their traits.


13. They are all so different.

The Alberta couple are amazing parents. They are not afraid of the challenge. They said they have learnt that each of the four babies have very different personalities, and are now able to tell them apart.


14. Help from others.

Raising one baby is hard and the couple take all the help they can get. They have received many donations like diapers, bottles and other newborn items from the community and friends.


15. Excited for the future.

The couple have a Facebook page to share their experience in raising the four babies. Bethani and Tim's story is incredible. They went from a family of two to a family of six in an incredibly short amount of time.