10 Amazing Inventions You Won't Believe Exist

Life is full of magical power, and you never know what it can do. These inventions are so genius that they make our life excellent. Take a look at these beautiful creations!

1. Reusable Candles


Don't wanna waste money on candles? Then this candle is right for you. Called The Rekindle, It collects melted, dripping wax and molds it into a new candle. Fantastic! 

2. Umbrella With A Cupholder


Having trouble holding an umbrella and your coffee at the same time? This invention guarantees you to enjoy a cup of coffee on a rainy day.

3. Onion Holder


Worry about cutting yourself accidentally when slicing onions? This is for you. The comb-like tool helps keep the onion still so you can cut it perfectly.

4. Baby Stroller


Called the Roller Buggy, a simple pull motion extends the regular baby carriage into a scooter. It saves parents a lot of time and energy. A very cool invention indeed.

5. Hourglass Traffic Lights


The hourglass counts down before the light changes. There is no need to guess how long the red light will last.

6. Pizza Scissors


This invention cuts perfect slices and is much better than a pizza cutter. It even comes with a spatula.

7. Smart Contact Lenses For Diabetics


This invention can save the lives of people with diabetes. The lens detects blood sugar levels through tears. If the blood sugar level is not balanced, the color of the lens will change. With them, you don't need to test blood every day.

8. Faucet Thermometer


This genius invention enables you to check the accurate bath water temperature for your newborn. Enjoy the bath time with your baby!

9. LED Slippers

10 Amazing Inventions You Won't Believe Exist_9

With these LED slippers, you will never trip over in the darkness. Go ahead and be bold!

10. Ice Cream Lock


Tired of people eating your Ben and Jerry's? With this ingenious invention, you can save your favorite from others' grubby hands.