10 Amazing Inventions You Won't Believe Exist

Worry about cutting yourself accidentally when slicing onions? This one is for you.
Holding a comb-like instrument, it helps keep the onion in place so you can cut it perfectly.

1. Reuseable Candles

Called the Roller Buggy, a simple pull motion extends the regular baby carriage into a scooter.
It saves the parents a lot of time and energy.
Very cool invention.


2. Umbrella With a Cupholder

The hourglass counts down before the light changes. No need to guess how long that light's going to be red.


3. Onion Holder

This invention cuts perfect slices and is much better than a pizza cutter.
Oh, and it comes with a spatula.


4. Baby Stroller

This invention could save a diabetic's life.
These lenses help detect glucose levels via tears. If the glucose levels are imbalanced, the color of the lens will change to remind the person.
With them, no more need to draw blood every day.


5. Hourglass Traffic Lights

This genius invention enables you to see the correct water temperature for your newborn's bathing water.
Enjoy the bath time with your baby!


6. Pizza Scissors

These LED Slippers are the perfect guide for you to through the dark so you won't hurt yourself ever again.


7. Smart Contact Lenses for Diabetics

Tired of people eating your Ben and Jerry's?
With this ingenious invention, you can lock the lid of your Ben and Jerry's from the grubby hands of others.


8. Faucet Thermometer

Most people think the best way to preserve foods we purchase is to put them in refrigerators. However, certain foods which should never be placed in the fridge.


9. Led Slippers

Tomatoes are our favorite. Put in the fridge stops them from ripening and deprive the taste and flavor out of them. What's worse, the cold temperature breaks down the membranes within the fruit walls, according to Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking. To keep tomatoes inside a basket or a bowl on your counter is a smart choice.


10. Ice Cream Lock

According to Canadian Produce Marketing Association, it's better to keep bananas on the counter till they ripen. It will slow down bananas' ripening process in cold temperatures.