10 Beautiful Pictures Perfectly Capture How It Feels To Be In Love

Here are 10 delightful drawings from Korean artist Puuung highlighting the small things that makes being in love so special:


1. Few things are sweeter than taking your partner's hand and dancing the time away like nobody's watching. (music optional).


2. Finding lovely ways to surprise each other.


3. A sweet kiss on the forehead speaks volumes. Am I right?


4. Tying your shoe laces for you? Now that's amor??!


5. Sharing is caring particularly with the one you love.


6. Sharing a homemade meal cooked with love.


7. Small gestures such as making sure your boo is warm and cozy when it's time for bed.


8. Or making memories by getting crafty together.

Some of us might fall in love with celebrities for no other reason than their dazzling good looks or performances. However, what they do out of the spotlight often gets neglected. There are celebrities who strive to make a difference, and it must be catching as now more and more celebrities are endeavoring to change the world for better through their charitable deeds. Here is a list of the celebrities who strive to give back to society and help those in need.


9. There's never a bad time for a nice cuddle.

Elton John has made significant contributions to AIDS research, including founding the Elton John AIDS Foundation and donating relentlessly to more than 50 charity organizations over the years.


10. And perhaps most importantly just being there for each other through good times and bad.

Bono's reputation as one of the "most influential" people in the world pretty much originates from his outstanding contributions to philanthropy, which also gained him three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.