This Fearless Lioness Made The Ultimate Sacrifice For Her Cubs

Lions are one of the word's most powerful as well as protective animals. In order to keep their cubs from harm, they'll do whatever they can. These 10 dramatic photos showcase one such selfless lioness.


1. This lion family on the Botswana's Okavanga Delta try to survey a safe and fast route to cross the river.


2. After cautious survey, the mother lion spots a great threat- a crocodile in the water.


3. Being highly determined to take on the threat alone, this courageous mother is ready for a fierce battle.


4. With a giant leap, the lioness goes bounding into the water to meet the danger head on.


5. Without hesitating for even a second, she violently strikes and bites the crocodile mid-air.

This Fearless Lioness Made The Ultimate Sacrifice For Her Cubs_12

6. The crocodile fights fiercely back by biting the lion's nose. Despite suffering a painful bite, the big cat never backs down.

This Fearless Lioness Made The Ultimate Sacrifice For Her Cubs_13

7. Finally, the lioness puts all her force and manages to pin the crocodile underwater. Her cubs cross the river safely.


8. The lioness who has accomplished her mission flees and jumps to join her family on the other side of the riverbank.


9. Due to the strong bite from the crocodile, her face drips with blood. Battles in the animal kingdom usually lead to injuries.


10. The protective mother re-joins her family. This is one amazing triumph of a lioness risking her life for the good of her young.