10 Foods To Never Put In The Refrigerator

It is recommended by Potato Growers of Alberta that spuds should be placed in a cool, dry and dark space. Because the cold temperatures of the fridge can turn starch into sugar more rapidly. It is also suggested that potatoes be kept unwashed, as well in a well-ventilated cardboard box instead of being placed in plastic or paper bags.

1. Tomatoes

Onions will eventually end up turning moldy and soft in the fridge. As the National Onion Association in the U.S suggests, unpeeled onions should be kept out of plastic bags and fridge because they need air exposure to keep fresh. The peeled onions should be placed in a covered container if you put them into the fridge.


2. Bananas

The unripe avocado should not be placed in the fridge because cold cooler will deter and impede its ripening process. Only the avocado is already ripe can it be preserved in the fridge.


3. Potatoes

The Garlic will sprout if preserved in the fridge. What's worse, it will get moldy and even rubbery.


4. Onions

Nothing dries out bread faster than your fridge, especially when you preserve the bread sandwiches in such environment. The cold temperature will make the bread chewy and even stale.


5. Avocados

Since coffee and beans require cool, dry and dark spots to retain their flavor and freshness,the fridge is not the place for them. But if there is a large amount of coffee and you don't use it, it's a good way to wrap them in airtight bags before place them into the fridge.


6. Garlic

Providing it is kept in a tightly sealed place, honey will stay good almost forever. Placing honey in your fridge will speed up the sugar crystallization process. It will become dough-like and harder to scoop or use.


7. Bread

Research shows storing whole melons in room temperatures, will in effect, keep the antioxidants levels the same. It will lose some of their beta-carotene content if put into the fridge. Sliced melons can be placed in the fridge, but should be covered.


8. Coffee

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9. Honey

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10. Melons

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