10 Hairstyles That Make You Look Older

1. Super stiff hair

Stiff, unmovable hair looks unnatural, and it's aging anyone. To hang onto your hair’s natural flow, you should try to look for a spray that offers more flexible hold and leaves your locks shiny rather than crunchy. 

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2. Long hair without volume

While people associate long hair with youth, keeping your hair long and straight can make you look older than you are. Straight hair puts your face front and center, and also make you look less voluminous.

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3. Hair that’s too dark

Hair dye can be helpful in covering up signs of aging, but coloring your hair too dark can actually make you look even older. Ask your stylist to create some sort of multi-tonal variation in the hair, such as face-faming highlights.

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4. Hair combed back

By opening your forehead completely, you draw extra attention to the line of hair growth, which becomes less vivid with age. Moreover, it will enhance the imperfections of your skin. Opt for hairstyles where the hair can frame your face or for hairstyles with fringes, which can help to conceal imperfections.

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5. A straight part

As you age, gravity's effect can draw the face down. The center part outlines this feature even more. You can ease into it by taking it a centimeter or two from the center part. If your hair refuses to stay put, bobby pin a bit of hair behind your ear until it is ready to cooperate.

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6. The top knot

With nothing to frame your face, the top knot will draw attention to every line and wrinkles. It the bun is too small, it can make your face look bigger and hair thinner. The key is to loosen it up to add extra volume for a more flattering, carefree effect. 

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7. Flat and dry hair

As you age, your hair tends to be drier, flatter, and duller. However, using the right styling product can help keep your hair looking bouncy and soft.

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8. Wearing baby bangs

Baby bangs may be a go-to for many 20-somethings, but if you’re nearing middle age and still wearing them, you might be making yourself look older. 

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9. Outdated hairdos

“Aged” hairstyles such as permanent curls on short hair, “burgundy” or “aubergine” like coloring or tight ringlets make you look older. That’s why you avoid these styles and leave them where they belong in the past!

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10. Half-up ponytail

This hairstyle can make it seem like you are trying too hard to look young. Too much volume on top can give you a dated bouffant bump. 

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