60 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger

One best hairstyle can take years, even decades off your face. It helps hide wrinkles, define your jawlines, and also enhance your cheekbones. Hide your age without spending lots of money on plastic surgery. These 60 chic haircuts will help you pick the best look.

1. The Short Edgy Cut

This hairstyle is young, fun and effortless, not too polished or too perfect. To make the short hairstyle stand out, select for styling products that offer you gloss and defination while keeping your hair color in one tone.

2. Blunt A-line Bob

A blunt A-line bob haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles that will never be out of date. It flatters most face shapes and hair textures, and it gives you an excellent voluminous effect. Be refined and clean with an A-line bob.

3. The Angled Bob

This haircut is crucial in your toolbox, as it can draw viewers' attention from your chin to your upper cheekbones, giving your face a tightened, less-saggy appearance.

4. Wispy Bangs

This look is flattering because it highlights your face, making it seem youthful and bright. Make sure you avoid heavy, straight-across cuts, as this makes your face look even older.

5. Chin-length Layers

This hairstyle is perfect for making you look younger, while not looking like you're trying too hard. The gorgeous, subtle layers frame your face without any jagged edges. The curl and extra volume at the top keep this hairstyle fresh and classy.

6. Edgy Cropped Bob

The edgy cropped bob is a cute haircut to freshen up your fine hair. When styled with a hair product and tousled, the choppy ends of the thin locks bounce off each other creating an illusion of fuller body and better texture.

7. A Blended Pixie Cut

With the right pixie, you can look youthful and bright. Soft seamless layers without the edges of many pixie cuts open up your face and make you look carefree and confident.

8. A Classy Blonde

While this might not be suitable for all of you, dying your hair blonde often gives you a fun, youthful, younger appearance. It's striking, unforgettable, and isn't too "out there" or alien.

9. Cropped Haircut

Keeps your look on point with a short cropped cut, and adds a soft touch by sprinkling in subtle blond highlights.

10. The Blonde Blow-out

Sexy and appealing, this bob haircut with the most subtle pop of color is certainly one of our favorites. You can wear this hairstyle dressed up or casually on any occasion. All in all, this is a very classy look.

11. Messy Blunt Cut

A blunt cut with messy layers adds a youthful jubilance to the face. Whether your hair is straight or curly, this haircut can be easily managed with the right product. It is a quick hairdo to style and can be styled in a variety of ways.

12. Layered Bob

Women who wear layers that come down to about their shoulder look pretty youthful anyway. However, adding a pop of color to it, you will look even more vibrant and energetic. Choose a color that complements your natural hair's color for best results.

13. Stacked Bob

No other hairstyles can give you the accurate geometric shapes like the stacked bob. However, the soft and varied lines of the haircut make sure your look is no less charming. Light teasing at the roots adds volume and an aerial note to the hair.

14. Sweet and Short Curls

Rock your natural curls regardless of the occasion with this short and curly hairstyle. Simply add in a few defining or texturizing hair products, opt for glowy skin and dewy makeup and enjoy your gorgeous look.

15. Short and Sexy Curls

This hairstyle with soft curls is a feminine, romantic delight, complete with high levels of charm and sophistication.

16. French Braid Hairstyles

It's no secret we love French braid hairstyles, and nothing ups your weekend hair game quite like a chic French braid. It's one of the easiest, best-looking braids to master, and once you get the hang of it, there are endless looks to be created.

17. Long And Straight Locks With Bangs

With long layers and bangs, this pretty hairstyle flatters all faces. The long layers add lightness to the style and the bangs soften the hair around the cheekbones. With highlights in the right places, the style can really shine.

18. Pin-Straight Blonde Hair

This timeless haircut looks amazing at any age. Make a sleek mid-part, subtle long layers, and opt for the best hydrating products out there to keep your locks look as smooth as possible.

19. Cropped Bob

Seductive, flirty and timeless, while making your features stand out and shedding years off our face - this hairstyle has it all!

20.  Long Wavy Locks

Long wavy locks are the way to go when you want to look seductive, yet fresh and modern at the same time, with just a touch of romanticism. Pair your glam locks with a middle part, you will look at least 5 years younger.

21. The Wavy Bob

Bobs are definitely up there on the list when it comes to hairstyles that make you look years younger. The wavy bob always manages to look sophisticated and chic, regardless of your age.

22. The Shape-Shifting Bob

This haircut is a chameleon-like do that can make you look years younger. Part your hair on the left and you've got an even, angled bob - and part it on the right and you get an instant asymmetric cut.

23. Full Fringe

Stylists seem to agree: adding a full set of fringe will make you look younger in an instant. These flattering and versatile thick bangs are suitable for various hair-lengths, as well as a wide range of face shapes and hair types.

24. The Chic Updo With Thick Bangs

A new set of thick bangs can do wonders for your look, especially when paired with loose waves. This style is universally flattering and indisputably chic, and versatile for a wide range of occasions.

25. Long, Messy Curls

This fool-proof hairstyle has been popular for decades and it shows no signs of slowing down. The style look simply must come with natural make-up and warm tones in your hair, complete with cascading waves.

26. Short Pixie Cut

If you have the right bone structure, a pixie cut can make you look years younger and elegant. Besides, it's really easy to maintain.

27. Blonde Inverted Bob


For those with naturally wavy locks, this inverted bob is a low-maintenance, stylish hairstyle to rock. The stacked layers at the back part create a voluminous style. You can add some blonde highlights to spice up the whole look.

28. Layered Haircut With Curly Ends


Hairstyles for older women don't have to be boring, for example, this long and vivacious cut. The natural layers with curly ends look both elegant and relaxed.

29. Stand-up Pixie


A stand-up pixie cut is one of the best styles for older women to try. Cut your hair short at the crown and back, while leaving the bangs long at the front to flatter your face. Apply styling wax to define the shorter layers.

30. Cute Little Curls


It's a great experience to take advantage of your silver hair. This haircut with lush silver curls at the crown makes you stand out from the crowd. You can match it with some shiny earrings to enhance your overall look.

31. Choppy Pixie Cut

26 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_51

Choppy Pixie Cut is a favorite in older women for good reason. The layers throughout the entire cut give your hair plenty of lift and volume, and the short, messy bangs give you a playful, youthful look.

32. Textured Bob

26 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_52

Want a cute, youthful hairstyle that's also easy to maintain? This textured bod is for you. Another feature of this cut? It creates an illusion of volume in the most natural way possible.

33. Lush Lob

26 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_53

Be proud of your natural curls and let them flow freely by getting a medium length bob.

34. Low Bun With Side Bangs

26 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_54

Low bun with side bangs haircut will make you look elegant and stylish. You can elevate this look by adding dynamic highlights.

35. Top Knot Bun

26 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_55

Keep your face flatteringly framed with long bangs while keeping your hair completely off your neck in a big, high bun. This will take years off your face instantly.

36. Asymmetrical Style

26 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_56

Subtle gold waves paired with straight locks tucked behind the ear show off a feminine and sexy feel that no man can resist.

37. Long Blonde Straight Hair With Bangs

26 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_57

Who says mature women cannot choose long straight hair? A long blonde straight hairstyle with face-framing bangs can make you look youthful and carefree.

38. Tousled Hair with Curtain Bangs

26 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_58

This hairstyle looks flattering to round and oval-shaped faces. Long bangs that extend to the outside corner of the eyes highlight your cheekbones. Loose curls that fall naturally on your shoulder bring out the beauty and elegance.

39. Short Curls

26 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_59

If you want to try something bold and fresh, this hairstyle is a great choice. 

40. Waves With Piece-y Bangs

26 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_60

Fluffy waves complete with piece-y bangs create a playful but refined look. Refresh yourself with this gorgeous hairstyle!

41. Shoulder-length Haircut With Straight Ends

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_61

This medium-length bob can take years off your face because of the tousled style and straight ends. Add a bright blonde color to finish the whole look.

42. Bob With Dark Roots

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_62

Bob is one of the most popular hairstyles for older women. If you want your bob to become more fashionable, make the roots darker and add some light blonde highlights.

43. Elegant Burgundy

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_63

Curls are perfect for medium-length hair. If you love the bright colors but not blonde, try this burgundy.

44. One-length Bob

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_64

To make your bob less ordinary, add balayage. If you don't like sophisticated style, cut your ends to one length and don't create bangs. Make it clean and simple.

45. Smoky Lavender

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_65

The layers are fantastic for this cute bob! Want something more? Rock this smoky lavender hair color to stand out.

46. Silver Shining

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_66

With advancing age, white locks come out. Don't be bothered. Cut a timeless pixie to bring a youthful air.

47. Brown Balayage With Layers

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_67

Messy layers can take years off your face. If you want to look younger, choose this tousled lob. This brown balayage makes this lob more elegant.

48. Round Bob

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_68

How about a sweet round bob? This haircut can surely flatter your face. With the feathered layers and shining blonde color, the whole style looks playful.

49. Stacked Bob With Dark Roots

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_69

The beige color looks fresh and youthful. Create enough layers at the back to increase volume. Keep the roots darker to finish the style.

50. Shoulder-length Lob

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_70

Long locks are boring? Cut your hair into shoulder-length. Add dark brown lowlights to the blonde base to create a dimensional feeling.

51. Fancy Waves

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_71

You can create big waves on short hair as well. And it turns out that the whole style looks great! Add some silver hues to finish the look.

52. Chocolate Highlights

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_72

If you love medium-length hair, you can try to create some soft curls with your locks. Then, rock some mild chocolate highlights and the style looks flirty.

53. Fire

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_73

Locks don't have to be in one direction. Create enough layers and style them in different directions. This is quite an interesting haircut.

54. Soft Lob

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_74

This soft lob haircut looks so feminine due to the feathery long layers and light blonde hair color. Leave the roots darker.

55. Chocolate Highlights With Curls

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_75

If you're not interested in straight hairstyles, try something curly. Make the curls big and round so that it looks adorable and youthful. The chocolate highlights should be the finishing touch.

56. Messy Lob With Ombre

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_76

Bedhead is always a popular choice to take years off your face. As for this one, the jagged layers and the ombre can surely make you look 10 years younger.

57. Chopped Bob With Copper Hues

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_77

Choppy haircut always looks fashion-forward. To make it more vivacious, add jagged bangs and wear copper hues. Everything will be different.

58. Tousled Bob With Brown Shades

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_78

Brown is an elegant hair color. If you don't like alternative things, choose brown for your hair. Create messy and natural layers to freshen up.

59. Red With Blonde Highlights

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_79

For ladies who love sleek hairstyles, this could be a perfect choice. Keep the inner layers red and add some blonde highlights.

60. Curly Layers

40 Haircuts That Make You Look 10 Years Younger_80

Layers can be curly. If you're looking for a feminine haircut, rock this one. With the curly layers and light tangerine color, this could be one of the most head-turning looks.