10 Houseboats To Make You Leave Land Behind For Good

Land is overrated. Who needs it? Houseboats are the best of both worlds. You have a roof over your head, you own your own place, and you're not tied down with rent or a mortgage. If it was good enough for Crockett on Miami Vice, it's good enough for you. We've included a mix here of the practical and impractical, for sale and for rent, but with such a wide variety, there's a houseboat out there that's perfect for everyone.


10. The Floating Villa at Lake Pontchartrain New Orleans, Louisiana

The Floating Villa sits next to the French Quarter, part of a larger resort called Pontchartrain Landing. With prices starting at $140 a night, renting out a villa is fairly comparable to a hotel stay. Features include two bedrooms, space for 8 people total and all kinds of amenities, not least of which is a rooftop party deck, live entertainment at Pontchartrain Landing, and regular shuttles to the French Quarter.


9. Traumfger by Rost-Niderehe Architecture Hamburg, Germany

This gorgeous houseboat sits on the banks of the Eilbek Canal in Hamburg, Germany. It's far too large to actually go anywhere, but it's still the pinnacle of luxury. Sleek lines in wood, steel, and glass make it look like something from a James Bond movie, and the fact that it floats only adds to that feeling. The curves continue inside, where a stark white interior only adds to the glorious Mod feel.


8. The Fennell Residence Portland, Oregon

This Portland houseboat, designed by Robert Harvey Oshatz, was intended to mimic the flowing curves of the river in which it sits. The glass is designed to let in light strategically throughout the changes of the day and the turning of the seasons, to enhance the feeling of living among nature. Inside, rich earth tones accentuate the creature comforts of the home.


7. 2011 Thoroughbred 21 X 108 Showboat-C Lake Cumberland, Kentucky

Currently situated at Lake Cumberland State Dock, this massive yacht has four bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, and custom tile work throughout. The houseboat is gorgeously furnished above deck and below with a front wall made of insulated glass for a gorgeous view of your surroundings. All this can be yours for only $950,000, and they'll even consider trades!


6. "Dianne's Rose" by Roy Schreyer Pointe au Baril, Ontario

This is the tiny house concept, applied to a houseboat. (We said there'd be something for everyone.) With a cabin that can be converted from a seating area to a bedroom to a dining room, Dianne's Rose takes the same design principles and multi-purpose space concepts behind the tiny house movement and applies them to a charming boat that's small enough to get anywhere it needs to go.


5. "Ideaal II" Amsterdam, Netherlands

Of course, you can't talk about houseboats without talking about Amsterdam. There is no shortage of gorgeous houseboats for rent in the city, but Ideaal II's decor makes it stand out. The three bedrooms have 6 beds, which makes the cost ($228 for up to 4 guests) pretty reasonable. Amenities include TV, internet, marble floors, a whirlpool tub, and, of course, an open fireplace in the middle of the living room.


4. Sunseeker 115 Poole, United Kingdom

This $19,430,000 "sports yacht" is the pinnacle of aquatic opulence. The master suite, on the same level as the main deck, takes up the full width of the yacht. There are four guest suites, and that doesn't include the accommodations for a crew of five to staff the ship. The dining room and lounge are separated by a retractable, rotating 55-inch television, and there's an onboard garage equipped with jet skis and other "toys" for the adventurous water-goer. (Of course, the frugal shopper might find an older model for as little as $12 million. Comparison shopping pays off.)


3. La Dame du Lac Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

At only $3 million, this houseboat is a steal compared to the Sunseeker. But what it lacks in sportiness, it makes up for in amenities. There's a full movie theater on board, as well as a wine cellar. If you're less of a Richard Garriott and more of a Warren Buffett, this is probably the yacht for you. The decor is a little "lakeside cabin", but the luxury can't be denied.


2. "Eclipse" Hamilton, Bermuda (registered port)

Estimated in 2011 to have cost around $382 million, the world's second largest yacht doesn't skimp when it comes to luxury. Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, owner of British Premier League soccer club Chelsea, had not one, but two helipads installed. You know. Priorities. If you ever tire of the elaborate parties thrown onboard, you can also go for a little escape in the attached mini-submarine.


1. "Azzam" United Arab Emirates

Not to be outdone, Sheikh Khalifa, president of the U.A.E., commissioned what became the world's largest private yacht for the meager sum of only $600 million. Just shy of 600 feet long, this vessel is technically registered as available for charter. Don't be planning your parties just yet, however. This is only a loophole to avoid paying European property taxes. Because when your family is worth $150 billion, you'll do anything to avoid paying taxes.