10 Movies To Watch With Mom On Mother's Day

It is a movie about the lives and friendship of six women, supporting each other through thick and thin.

1. Mother's Day

This is an inspiring movie based on a true story about a mother who forms a bond with a young homeless man.


2. Mothers and Daughters

This joyful animation and the music from Beatles will bring back the memories of your childhood.


3. Steel Magnolias

This is probably the best movie to watch with mom on Mother's Day. You will appreciate your mother and sisters after.


4. The Blind Side

This is a touching movie about a terminally-ill mom who has to settle on the new woman in the husband's life, and who will be her children's stepmother.


5. Yellow Submarine

This one is classic! And no doubt it is a joyful movie to watch with mom on this special day.


6. Little Women

A fable based drama in which a mother, father and their orphaned musical prodigy child hunt to discover each other.


7. Stepmom

This is a classic family film. Dumbo's mother is very loving and protective towards her son and is a crucial part of why Dumbo is the way he is.


8. The Sound of Music

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9. August Rush


10. Dumbo