10 Seriously SHIT Surf Tattoos

Slam Bros? It sounds a bit like a crew of gay pornstars. Anyway, I won't print this blurry and terrible surfer tattoo on my arm.

1. Jesus Surfs Tattoo

Compared with the classic fire-breathing skull, it's really an interesting take, but still shit.


2. Rad Dino Tattoo

A surfing goat is playing a double-necked guitar against a weed leaf on a crucifix with Happy Birthday written over it? WTF!


3. Slam Bros Surf Gang Tattoo

I really have no idea what this dude was thinking about! Is there anything worse than this?


4. Mexican Death Head Surfer Tattoo

A shitly-drawn skeleton wearing board shorts is surfing? Is it safe to say that this was a tribute to the Grateful Dead?


5. Weed Smoking Guitar Playing Goat Surfer Tattoo

Why would somebody ever get a brand logo tattooed? Getting a one-night stand's name printed seems to make more sense, particularly on your forehead!


6. Sun - Snake - Winged Surfboard Tattoo

This tattoo is a little bit weird but actually very cool. This guy seems to have lost his arm to a shark attack, so he turned his stump into an adorably-looking dolphin.


7. Skeleton Tattoo

Another strange but awesome tattoo. It's a cool idea to transform the sharkbite into... a shark. But will it scare you every time you looked yourself in the mirror?


8. Brand Tattoos

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9. Shark Attack Tattoo

Maximum Life Expectancy: 16 Years
Average Life Expectancy: 14 Years


10. Shark Attack Shark Tattoo

MaximumLife Expectancy: 16 Years
Average Life Expectancy: 15 Years