10 Secret Ways Your Dog Says I Love You And You Totally Miss It"0 Secret Ways Your Dog Says I Love"

Dogs lean on their humans to show their affection when they feel anxious. It is the dog's method of asking for your support.


1. Staring directly into your eyes

Researchers have found that what dogs do after eating indicates the most important thing to them. So snuggling after a meal is a sign of loving you.


2. Yawning when you yawn

A recent study reveals that dogs will raise their left eyebrow when they see someone they like. Dogs have facial expressions too!


3. Leaning on you

Studies reveal that a dog that goes into its crate while you are away is a dog full of love and trust in you.


4. Cuddling with you after a meal

If your dog is extremely happy seeing you return home, it's a clear sign of affection.


5. Lifting and wiggling eyebrows

Dogs love to sleep in bed with his owner who loves them. Sleeping together is part of the pack mentality and the pack equals love to a dog.


6. Watching you leave calmly

If your dog gives you his favorite toy, it doesn't always mean "playtime." Sometimes, it means he considers you the pack leader.


7. Freaking out when you return

Dogs can feel the care and love you give them. So if they enjoy your love, they, in turn, will love you, too.


8. Sleeping in your room

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9. Bringing you his favorite toy

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10. Enjoying your love

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