10 Tips To Save Your Money While You Travel Around South-East Asia

It may take some time for you to get used to it, but as a norm here, haggling is strongly recommended when you do shopping in South-East Asia.


1. Be open to street food.

You can get bottled water and canned drinks at very low prices at a convenience store.Also, it's a general behavior here, so don't worry whether it is rude or you might get frowned upon for doing so.


2.Choose hostels instead of fine hotels.

You might get to save some time by flying over, but it can be a very pricey choice.Besides, you won't waste too much time if you take overnight buses and trains since you are going to sleep through the night anyway, and not to mention you also get to save your money for spending one night in a hotel room.


3. Remember that bargaining is a must when shopping at market stalls.

Things like cleansing foam and face lotion cost much less in SEA than those you can get at home. Also, you get to avoid the chances that they might spill your bags during your journey.


4. Bring your own drinks when eating outside.

When traveling around SEA, keep yourself away from using private transport like taxis as much as you can because overcharging from taxi drivers happens quite often here.


5.Take sleeper buses and trains instead of planes.

Sure you would hunger for a steak, but it probably won't be a good idea to try one here. Most of the time, you will find them far less authentic and sometimes more expensive than those you used to have at home.


6.Buy skincare products when you arrive at your destination.

You will be in great need of the internet for things like using Yelp or Google Map for help, and it would be much cheaper if you use the local data instead of roaming.


7.Try public transportation rather than taxis.

Do take this advice seriously because it will be extremely inconvenient for you when you find yourself in a public toilet that does not provide any toilet paper or charges you for using them.


8. Try as less western food as possible.

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9. Remember to get yourself a local sim card before beginning your trip.


10.Do not forget to bring tissues when you go to the bathroom.