10 Unexpected Ways To Use Cornstarch Beyond Cooking

Cornstarch is mainly used to thicken sauces or soups, but it’s actually very practical outside of the kitchen as well. Here are 10 interesting ways to use cornstarch, from removing stains to tackling bad odors, to even have your hair dry-cleaned. Read on to find out how!

1. Getting Rid Of Sticky Stains On Your Carpet

You don’t have to send your carpet or clothes to the dry cleaners to get rid of those sticky stains anymore. Instead, you can simply use cornstarch. Just pour some on the stains and let it sit overnight. Dust or vacuum it the next day and you’ll find your fabrics as good as new. 


2. Oily Stains Terminator

Cornstarch is a good substitute for tackling oily smears when you run out of baking soda. If you have greasy stains on fabric, sprinkle on some cornstarch and leave it to work for 30-40 minutes to absorb the moisture. Afterwards, wash the fabric and see the stains disappear.


3. Low-Cost Window And Glass Cleaner

Fed up with those expensive but not-so-great glass cleaners? Pour 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, ½ cup of ammonia and ½ cup of white vinegar into a container, then add 3-4 liters of warm water and stir. Voila! A homemade low-cost and streak-free window and glass cleaner! 


4. Homemade Deodorant

The granular cornstarch is very fine with an excellent ability to draw out the moisture like sweat. Therefore, it’s also a good alternative to deodorant for controlling bad odors. Mix ⅛ cup of cornstarch, ⅛ cup of baking soda and 2 or 3 tablespoons of coconut oil together, then you will end up with a deodorant made of natural materials.


5. Setting Powder Even Better Than Big Brand’s

Because of the physical properties of cornstarch, it is perfectly suitable to be used as setting powder as well. After applying all your makeup, dip your brush in a mixture made up of ½ tablespoon of cornstarch and 1 teaspoon of baby powder and sweep lightly on the face. You’ll find your pores minimized, oil absorbed and a makeup able to last all day long.


6. DIY Dry Shampoo

If you’re in a rush with no time enough to wash your greasy and oily hair, you could try pouring a tiny amount of cornstarch on your scalp and massage it in, before brushing your hair until the powder is invisible. The cornstarch will absorb the excess oil and your hair will once again be smooth and dry. It can also be used to clean your pet’s fur too if it has a fear of water.


7. Edible Face & Finger Paint For Kids

Do you worry that your kids might accidentally put the paint into their mouths while painting? Don’t panic! You can make a safe edible face and finger paint for the kids with cornstarch. Boil ¼ cup of cornstarch with 2 cups of water until the mixture is sticky, pour it into small containers and mix food coloring into each one. It’s messy time for the kids now!


8. Eliminating Floorboard Creak

Take out the cornstarch now if you’re distracted by a squeaking floorboard or staircase. Sprinkle some on where you find it creaking, and dust this area to make sure the cornstarch fills up any seams and gaps. The annoying noise will instantly stop because the cornstarch makes the pieces of wood stop rubbing against each other.


9. Silver Polish

When your silverware tarnishes, you can easily make it sparkle again with cornstarch. Add 4 teaspoons of cornstarch and ½ glass of water in a bowl and stir it into a paste, then rub your silver jewelry or dinnerware with a damp cloth. Leave it on until the paste becomes dry, gently wipe the excess, and you’ll see the polished silver shine again.


10. Tackling knots

Cornstarch is also of some use in helping to untie a tight knot. Coat the knot with some cornstarch, and shake or rub it in a bit to allow the powder to penetrate the gaps. The cornstarch will reduce the friction between the fibers of the rope and you’ll be able to loosen the knot much more easily.