11 Brides You Won't Be Able To Miss

It's said that these days a wedding in the USA costs about $20,000. How much money do you think the bride spent on this tailor-made wedding limo?

1. Blue Bride

Weddings won't be complete without balloons. Nothing is more unique than a balloon wedding dress. Right?


2. You've Been Tangoed

Do you remember those times when your parents didn't allow you to have your own cake and eat it? Obviously, this bride doesn't agree with it, so she has this tailor-made wedding dress cake and eat it!


3. Wedding Limo, Please!

It is said that there are more than 6,200 weddings per day in the USA. How to make your wedding dress more unique? How about integrating your man's favorite soccer team into the dress to make him happy on your big day?


4. Bridal Balloon

It seems that this idea comes from Disney. Maybe this wedding dress is definitely one of the most unique ones we've seen.


5. Wedding Dress Cake

Obviously, this bride is a fan of leopard print. Yeah, we love leopard print, but not this type with pink. It is too trashy!


6. Make Him Happy

To be frank, what matters most is the fact that you and your beloved one exchange vows and make a commitment to each other. Even your bride picks out an amazing gown like this, you need to be in love with her.


7. Disney Idea

Obviously, this idea comes from toilet paper, and do you love it?


8. Leopard Print Dress?

We have to admit that this cat themed tailor-made wedding dress is gorgeous! Maybe this lady is a fan of cute cats!


9. Origami Wedding Dress

With many top universities and colleges demanding more than $60K a year you might want to weigh up your finances before applying to any of these 10 colleges.


10. Toilet Roll Idea

If you like Collegiate Gothic architecture, Bard College is a choice. The overall cost per year of studying here is $64,254.


11. Cat Lady

Scripps Colleg is a woman-only college. It welcomes 1,000 students to enjoy its outstanding Spanish Colonial Revival Style architecture every year. The fee is not cheap, get ready to pay up $64,260 a year.