12 Hilarious Photos of Animals At Bathtime

Remember the face of your cat when you insist in giving him/her a bath? Yeah, animals are not like us. Some of them love water, but others are just scared of the sound of running water. Let's take a look at some of the hilarious photos of animals at bath time!!!

1. A Beautiful Day at the Spa

This little buddy is actually enjoying himself with the water! He's got all the pampering and relaxation he needs! How wonderful it would be if I were him!!! But, I am just too large to fit into a small sink.


2. It Just FEELS GOOD!!!

Everyone will love this furry little friend, especially when he is enjoying the touch of water! What a cutie!


3. Uh-oh! Let's Make Bubbles!!!

Obviously, our little kitten may not have a clear idea what bubbles are. You can tell from his confused look.


4. Give ME MORE!!! Let IT FLOW!!!

This monkey is just so into the water. Can you see the facial expression of him? It tells you the meaning Euphoric!


5. I'm in Bubble Land!

Can you spot the pup? He is right inside the Bubble Castle!


6. Before and After Snapshot

What the heck is this!!! Where is my hair??? Give them back to me!!!


7. I Got It!

Little kitten is going to bath herself. You go little girl!!! You can Bath it!!!


8. Bathing Time!

Did you say it's bathing time? No, I think this is bedtime.


9. What is this? Got it off me!

Poor little fellow! He still isn't used to bathing and the bubbles and the soap. Yes, that one too!


10. Bathing Makes Me MAD!!! I AM A TIGER!!!

Yo, easy man! This one is freaking mad all because water makes his fur look funny. And he's very convinced that he looks terrible with it.


11. Steady, Just Steady!

If you wonder why he is so stiff, it's because he doesn't like COLD water!!!


12. GOD Help Me!!!

Do you have no mercy? Don't let me jump into this!!!