14 Stunning Photos Show How A Magpie Returned The Favor To The Family That Saved Her

She got a nest made out of a laundry basket and could come and go as she pleased.

From that moment on, everything became different.


Upon returning home, the family stumbled upon a little three-week-old magpie fallen out of a tree. Little did they know how much this tiny bird would change their lives.


They named the magpie Penguin. From then on, she was part of the family.


It felt incredibly special, Cam says, that Penguin usually chose to hang with them.


She loved to clown around, stealing food off the boys' plates and pooping on their shirts.


Even though Penguin was loud and messy, she could also be the sweetest companion.


Penguin's warm, quirky presence was especially important to Sam, who was still recovering from her accident in more ways than one.


She was a great company, Sam explains over the phone. "I was going crazy being stuck at home. She was always on my lap or shoulder. She was good for me because I would just talk to her and tell her what was going through my head."


Over the next several months, Sam felt better as she watched her kids and Penguin play together.


Sam says she often felt like she was whining too much about her situation to Cameron

Setting Penguin free wasn't easy. The family set her up in a tree outside their house, but she often came back inside to escape other magpies who tried to dive-bomb her.


When Sam was doing her physical therapy, Penguin joined her.


And even got in some PT training herself.

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After several months, it was time for Penguin to leave the nest.


Slowly, Penguin got used to leaving her human nest for longer stretches. Then, over a year ago, she flew away for the last time. No matter where she goes, Penguin will always be part of the Bloom family.