15 Animals That Definitely Can Be Jerks Sometimes


1. You have to pay for sitting in my way.

2. I don't like you talking to me this way.

3. I can only tolerate two nods, three are too much.

4. That's my food. Just let it go.

5. Can't you just swim here, you lazy person?

6. One last bite before I die.

7. Got ya.

8. This girl is my type.

9. Don't flirt with me.

10. I didn't mean to hurt you; I just want some food.

11. This is my water. get out!

12. Just watch your back, boy.

13. This is a tough guy over there.

It is not the first time the author has defended Dumbledore's sexuality.

14. Don't disturb our family time.

15. Wow, what's passing by?