15 Famous Athletes’ Childhood Home Vs. Current Home

1. Tom Brady - Childhood Home

Before becoming a world-class quarterback, Tom Brady was raised in San Mateo, California and lived in this modest house with his family. He attended numerous San Francisco 49ers games at Candlestick Park and idolized quarterback Joe Montana. Now that Brady has made his fortune, what does his house look like now?

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Tom Brady - Current Home

As of 2019, Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen have a combined net worth of $580 million. The celebrity couple lives In a luxurious house that looks more like a castle. The stunning mansion comes with five bedrooms all with separate walk-in closets, a private gym, and a personal chef. Such a gorgeous property will only increase in value and we can only assume that they’ve got a good financial adviser helping them put all that money to good use.

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2. Stephen Curry - Childhood Home

Stephen Curry grew up in a relatively well-off family compared with some other athletes on our list. His father Dell Curry was an NBA player for the Charlotte Hornets. Little Stephen often accompanied his father during warm-ups, and you can say he literally grew up on the basketball scene.

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Stephen Curry - Current Home

This is Stephen Curry’s San Francisco mansion now and it cost him a cool $3.2 million. The 10,000 square foot estate has five bedrooms and five fireplaces, but the true highlights of this house are the infinity-edge swimming pool and the two-bedroom guest house. Like many others on the list, it is pretty obvious that the basketball superstar received good financial advice before making this property purchase.15 Famous Athletes’ Childhood Home Vs. Current Home_4

3. LeBron James - Childhood Home

The now-retired NBA legend LeBron James had a very rough childhood. His mother, Gloria Marie James, was only 16 when LeBron was born. His father, Anthony McClelland, had an extensive criminal record and was absent from his life. LeBron had to move from apartment to apartment with his mother since Gloria couldn’t find a steady job. The good news is LeBron’s basketball talent changed their lives and they now live a rather more comfortable life.

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LeBron James - Current Home

Today LeBron has built himself a net worth of $450 million, so he can buy pretty much anything under the sun. While he was playing for the Miami Heat, he lived in a modest 12,100 square foot mansion in the city. The house featured eight bedrooms, a wine cellar, a library, a home theater, an infinity pool, and a dock that can accommodate two 60-foot yachts. When he left the Miami Heat, he sold the mansion for $13.4 MIllion, which was $4.4 million over what he originally paid. 

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4. James Harden - Childhood Home

James Harden was already showcasing his incredible talent during his high school years in California. As a sophomore, he scored an average of 13.2 points per game and went on to play in the McDonald’s All American Game in his final year. From Lakewood, California to the Houston Rockets, Harden’s home has changed drastically.

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James Harden - Current Home

Harden now owns a three-story, 7,100 square foot home in Houston. Moderately priced at $2 million, the Mediterranean style mansion has every luxurious amenity you can imagine, including four bedrooms, a theater, a game room, and a library. With an astonishing $145 million net worth now, Harden never needs to worry about mortgage loans and can afford the lavish lifestyle of his dreams.

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5. Kawhi Lenard - Childhood Home

Kawhi Lenard is another NBA player who has shown extraordinary talent since childhood. He used to play for the basketball team of Martin Luther King High School and won the California Mr. Basketball award. As we all know now that he was destined for even greater awards.15 Famous Athletes’ Childhood Home Vs. Current Home_9

Kawhi Lenard - Current Home

The NBA All-Star forward just scored a $13.3 million mansion in the exclusive San Diego County in California. He has a net worth of $40 million, and is not shy to show off his wealth. According to the Los Angeles Times, his Tuscan-style estate is 13,000 square feet and features seven bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms. To make it even more luxurious, the house also comes with a dry bar, home theater, a gourmet kitchen, two offices, and a temperature controlled wine cellar.

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6. Blake Griffin - Childhood Home

Blake Griffin spent his childhood in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His father, Tommy Griffin, was a basketball center and track standout at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Blake showed interest in sports since he was a little boy. Besides playing basketball with his brother in his father’s gym, he also loved baseball and football. As he got older, he focused on basketball and became the NBA All-Star as we now know.

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Blake Griffin - Current Home

Blake Griffin is now a superstar with a $60 million net worth, so it's only fitting that he lives the star-studded lifestyle. In 2014, Griffin splurged $9 million on a 9,100 square foot estate in California. Featuring six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and an immensely large kitchen, the beautiful mansion has everything the All-Star needs to fit into the Hollywood scene, including a home theater and a massive gym. 

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7. David Beckham - Childhood Home

The now-legendary soccer superstar had a humble upbringing in London. His mother was a hairdresser and his father was a kitchen fitter and despite living in the capital both his parents were fanatical Manchester United supporters. It must have influenced young David as he turned his dream soccer career into a reality. As we know, the reality turned out better than anything he could have dreamed of as a teenager.

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David Beckham - Current Home

The soccer legend now lives in a super-luxurious mansion which reportedly cost him $58 million. The house has an unbelievable air conditioning system valued $8 million, and also boasts five stories, eight bedrooms, a gym, a spa, massage quarters, and a panic room.

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8. Lionel Messi - Childhood Home

Like David Beckham, Lionel Messi also started out small. Born into a soccer-loving family, he showed a talent for the sport at a very young age, but was unfortunately diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency at the age of ten. His family could barely afford the medical treatment, but a Barcelona academy decided to roll the dice with him and offered to pay all the expenses. We all know how that turned out.

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Lionel Messi - Current Home

Lionel Messi is now building a house we bet he could never have dreamed of when he was a kid. The futuristic home looks just like a soccer ball from above, and we can’t wait to see all the luxurious amenities he adds once it’s completed.

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9. Cristiano Ronaldo - Childhood Home

If you’re talking about famous soccer players, you can’t leave out Cristiano Ronaldo. Like Lionel Messi, he also struggled with health issues as a child. At the age of 15, he was diagnosed with a racing heart, which could have prematurely ended his soccer career. Luckily, his heart surgery was successful and he went on to become the soccer star we know today. 

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Cristiano Ronaldo - Current Home

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the finest athletes in the world, as well as one of the richest. He is currently living in a lavish villa in Madrid valued at just under 5 million euros, which still somehow seems like a steal, considering its stunning decor. The house has all the luxuries befitting a soccer star, including numerous bedrooms, an amazing pool, and a home cinema.

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10. Brett Favre - Childhood Home

Brett Favre, one of the finest football quarterbacks in American history, had humble beginnings in Mississippi. His parents were both teachers, and his father used to coach his baseball and football teams. Later on he decided to focus on football and the rest is the stuff of legend.

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Brett Favre - Current Home

Today Brett Favre is arguably the best NFL quarterback of all time. Thanks to his incredible career and wise investments after retirement, the 20-year NFL veteran now has a net worth of approximately $100 million, making him the 8th richest NFL player in the world. His mother helps him manage his investments and she chose a luxurious villa with a gorgeous pool for her son.

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11. Alexis Sánchez - Childhood Home

Alexis Sánchez used to live in a small apartment in Chile. As a teenager, he played in youth soccer, and very soon was showing off his incredible potential by becoming one of the youngest players ever to play in the Copa Libertadores. That talent and hard work would eventually bring him to where he is now.

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Alexis Sánchez - Current Home

Now Alexis plays as a forward for Italian Serie A club Inter Milan, on loan from English Premier League side Manchester United, and of course for the Chile national team. With big contracts and endorsements, the soccer superstar now lives in a luxurious mansion valued at £2m.

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12. Russell Westbrook - Childhood Home

Growing up in the humble neighborhood of Long Beach, California, Russell Westbrook and his best friend, Khelcey Barrs III, always dreamed that they’d one day play at UCLA. Tragically, Khelcey Barrs III later died of an enlarged heart during a pickup game. Russell carried out their dream and became a basketball superstar for both of them.

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Russell Westbrook - Current Home

The NBA All-Star has splurged $4.65 million on a beautiful villa on the exclusive Santa Catalina island off the coast of Los Angeles. The house is equipped with all the luxurious amenities you can imagine, and the true hero is a gorgeous pool that is filled with natural, refreshing saltwater.

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13. Dan Marino - Childhood Home

The NFL star spent his childhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He came from an average working-class family with his father being a newspaper delivery guy. The old man was very supportive of Dan’s ambition to play professional football, and his eldest son didn’t let him down.15 Famous Athletes’ Childhood Home Vs. Current Home_25

Dan Marino - Current Home

Many say Dan Marino is the greatest quarterback of all time, but he never won a Superbowl title during his entire career. We are sure it must be a regret of this that he doesn’t have one sitting on the mantelpiece  in his current luxurious 15.9 million dollar Florida home.

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14. Peyton Manning - Childhood Home

Luckily for Peyton Manning, he was born into a rather comfortable family. His father, Archie Manning, was an NFL quarterback. Family tradition must have influenced Peyton and his brother Eli, who have both gone on to become NFL players.

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Peyton Manning - Current Home

Peyton Manning now owns a 16,464-square-foot Georgian-style mansion. The house comes with seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a veranda, a two-story rotunda, carport, elevator, a heated indoor/outdoor dog kennel, and as many as five MVP trophies.15 Famous Athletes’ Childhood Home Vs. Current Home_28

15. Neymar Santos Jr. - Childhood Home

Neymar Santos Jr.’s father was a footballer and advised his son on the path to success. "My father has been by my side since I was little. He takes care of things, my finances and my family." Neymar said during an interview.

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Neymar Santos Jr. - Current Home

Neymar’s family couldn’t even afford a property when he was a kid, but now he owns an impressive mansion in Beverly Hills. The house is modeled on the 18th-century Petit Trianon château on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles in France and features seven bedrooms, a cinema, a wine cellar and all the amenities befitting a soccer star.

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