15 Hilarious Photos of Celebrities' Awkward First Time On The Red Carpet

Hilary Duff first hit the red carpet when Lizzie McGuire took off in 2001.

1. Anna Kendrick

Zac Efron was a heartthrob when he walked the WB's All-Star Summer Party red carpet in 2004. Two years later he stole our heart again in High School Musical.


2. Emma Watson

Believe it or not, The Princess Diaries in 200 was the first movie of Anne Hathaway. Before that, she appeared on the show Get Real for a few years.


3. Hilary Duff

Miley Cyrus is known for switching things up a lot lately. But back in 2006, people still just saw her as the innocent girl on Hannah Montana.


4. Zac Efron

Selena Gomez first hit the red carpet in 2007 when Wizards of Waverly Place started to get big.


5. Anne Hathaway

Emma Stone already looked quite cool at her first red carpet even back in 2006.


6. Miley Cyrus

Robert Pattinson attended his first premiere for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005.


7. Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift changes her looks a lot. But her original signature look will always be the long curly locks, just like the one she rocked during her first red carpet event in 2006.


8. Emma Stone

Rihanna is another celebrity that first appeared on the red carpet in 2005. There is no doubt that her style has evolved over the years.


9. Robert Pattinson

Blake Lively's first ever red carpet look is very 2005 and we were obsessed with it.


10. Taylor Swift

If only 2004 Rachel McAdams knew the amazing career she'd have ahead of her, and that she would spend a few years dating Ryan Gosling.


11. Rihanna

Kristen Stewart first walked the red carpet back in 2002 for the Panic Room premiere.


12. Blake Lively

Lindsay Lohan first appeared at the premier of the Parent Trap at the age of 12, and she was so adorable.


13. Rachel McAdams

Whether you are near-sighted or far-sighted, the struggles of wearing glasses are real. People who don't have to wear glasses just can't understand what we have to go through. From constant care and maintenance of things of losing them, there are loads of issues that we four-eyed people have to deal with every day.


14. Kristen Stewart


15. Lindsay Lohan