23 Incredible Things You Can Do With Vaseline

Vaseline has become one of the most common household goods since it was invented over 150 years ago. But do you know this translucent jelly actually has many more uses, aside from moisturizing your lips? Here are 23 Vaseline tricks we strongly recommend you try.

1. Soothing An Itchy Scalp

If you’re suffering from a dry and prickly scalp due either to a skin condition or lack of washing, petroleum jelly can help relieve your symptoms. First, massage it into your scalp, and you’ll find that it will reduce itching and dandruff.

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2. Keeping Lip Color Off Your Teeth

Remember the embarrassment you felt when you realized your red lipstick had stuck to your teeth during a meeting? Well, here’s a tried-and-true trick from beauty pageant contestants to prevent it from happening again: apply a thin layer of jelly to your teeth before applying lipstick. Then you’ll find the lipstick no longer sticks to your teeth!

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3. Using As A Fire Starter

Even though it’s not flammable, Vaseline can help you start a fire when you’re out camping. Dip a cotton ball in the jelly, and you end up with a handy and safe fire starter. The burning cotton fibers make the petroleum boil and emit a gas that burns with a continuous and controlled flame.

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4. Taming Pesky Eyebrows

Getting sick of your unruly eyebrows but have no time to get them professionally waxed? Don’t worry! You can quickly get them trimmed and neatened up at home with the help of Vaseline. Slick a little bit of the jelly on your eyebrows, and instantly achieve a tidy look.

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5. Getting Softer And Longer Eyelashes

If you’re unsatisfied with the length of your eyelashes but are not willing to purchase those costly eyelash enhancing serums, Vaseline is a far more affordable choice for you. Use a clean mascara wand to apply it to your lashes every night, and you’ll find that they become longer and thicker over time.

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6. Making A Homemade Body Scrub

Here is another clever use for Vaseline that’ll save you some bucks. Simply mix the petroleum jelly with sugar or sea salt in a proportion of 2 to 1, and then you’ll get a homemade body scrub. The solution can help exfoliate the dry skin on your body.

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7. Preventing Shampoo From Running Into Eyes

Does the picture below remind you of the stinging feeling when shampoo gets into your sensitive eyes? Well, the good news is that you don’t need to put up with it any longer, as long as you have some Vaseline to hand. Smear a streak of it over your eyebrows, and you’ll find the shampoo and soapy water will run off to the side.

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8. Enhancing The Long-Lasting Effect Of Your Fragrance

Troubled by the fact that your perfume or cologne fades away too fast, especially when you sweat? Try applying some Vaseline over your neck and wrist before spritzing your favorite scent, and you’ll be surprised to find that you still smell wonderful, even after a busy day outside.

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9. Warding Off Chafing During Playing Sports

When it comes to running, playing soccer, or taking part in other physical activities, chafing can be a big problem, particularly for men. But if you apply a small amount of petroleum jelly as a lubricant to the areas that are prone to rub against each other, your body will thank you.

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10. Hiding Scuffs On Wooden Furniture

Do you have any minor scratches, stains, or watermarks on your wooden furniture? Home repair expert Bob Vila gives you a practical tip to fix them by yourself. Cover the scuffs with a thick layer of Vaseline and let it sit for 24 hours. Then wipe away any excess and give your furniture a good polish. Voila! It looks new again!

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11. Inserting Earrings Effortlessly

Fetch out your petroleum jelly product if you want to avoid the pain you usually get when sticking earrings in. Rub your earlobes with a bit of Vaseline, and then you’ll find that you can insert the studs much more easily and more comfortably.

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12. Preventing Car Batteries From Eroding

It can be really expensive to replace your car battery when it’s out of order, but we can offer you an excellent hack to stop any corrosive buildup on your battery terminals. Just remove the battery cables first, and then apply a tablespoon of the jelly to both the positive and the negative posts.

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13. Treating Cracked Cuticles

Your cuticles are made up of the same protein as your skin, therefore they’ll become dry and cracked as well when they lose moisture. If you have dry cuticles you need some Vaseline to protect and repair them. Massage the jelly into your nail bed and fingernails before sleeping. Do this and you’ll no longer be troubled by the annoying pieces of skin hanging off your fingernails.

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14. Preventing Diaper Rash

To protect your baby’s delicate skin from diaper rash, you may need some Vaseline for a solution. Dry your baby thoroughly after a bath, and apply a thin layer of jelly to the rash-prone areas before putting on a fresh diaper. The Vaseline creates a shield between the rash and any moisture, meaning the rash will heal more quickly.

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15. Treat Athlete’s Foot

In addition to treating diaper rash, the petroleum jelly can also cure athlete’s foot. Coat your affected foot (or feet) with some jelly before putting on your socks, which then suffocates the fungus. Now you know why you must always keep several jars of Vaseline around the house.

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16. Moisturizing Your Dry Face

Vaseline is a truly effective moisturizer, and though it looks very greasy, it won't clog your pores. Unlike other facial products, Vaseline doesn't soak into your skin, so you'd better apply it to your face at night and wipe it off in the morning.

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17. Extracting Gum From Your Hair

If your kid gets gum in his or her hair, you must be mad at the situation. Now, with Vaseline, it won't be a problem at all. Instead of cutting off the hair with gum, you can just rub the Vaseline around the gum, and slowly pull it out. Other sticky substances like tree sap and syrup can also be removed by the Vaseline.

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18. Opening Stuck Drawers

When you need to get something out of a stuck drawer immediately, you can be quite frustrated. Fortunately, if you apply a small amount of the Vaseline to the drawer bottom, it will lubricate the surface and the once stuck drawer should slide right open quickly.

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19. Protecting Your Skin From Hair Dye

Before you begin to dye your hair, apply some Vaseline across your forehead and the tops and undersides of your ears. In this way, you can keep the dye away from your hairline.

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20. Removing Makeup Stains

As we mentioned before, Vaseline can keep lipstick off your teeth. Likewise, it can remove makeup stains from clothing and other fabrics as well. Before putting clothes into the washing machine, apply some Vaseline onto the stain. But if you need to apply Vaseline to a large area, it's safe to do a test in an inconspicuous spot in advance.

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21. Keeping Slugs Away

Vaseline can also be useful in the garden. If you want to keep pesky slugs and snails away, mix a bit of Vaseline with some salt, and apply it to the edges of your flower pots. Voila!

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22. Getting Wax Off Your Skin

After doing hair removal by waxing, there are always bits of the wax stuck to your skin. Don't worry! Apply Vaseline anyplace there's still wax on the skin, and you'll see a nice moisturizing benefit.

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23. Creating Your Own Lip tint

To DIY your own makeup is an interesting experience. With Vaseline, you can create your own DIY lip tint. Mix your favorite eye shadow or blush with Vaseline and done!

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