15 Insider Tips to Getting the Best Hotel Deals

#1 Take Advantage of Your Credit Card


Many credit cards, like Visa, MasterCard, Capital One Venture and Discover, provide exclusive deals for their holders that can save you a lot. So, when planning a journey, check what your credit card can offer first. It may also include various services like miles, cash back or bonus points.

#2 Buy Reservations from Other Travelers


It’s a common situation where someone books a hotel in advance but can’t make it later. RoomerTravel.com connects travelers who are stuck with reservations they can’t cancel with people who’d like to buy other travelers’ reservations. Usually the former are willing to re-sell their unwanted hotel rooms in a lower price. This site can offer discounts of up to 70%.

#3 Ask for A Corner Room


Corner Rooms are usually quieter and larger than the ones in the middle of the corridor. Thus, ask the front desk if any corner room is available when you check in. And when you’re looking for a chance to upgrade to a corner room for free, try to do it discreetly without presence of other guests, as you’ll have more chance of success.

#4 Check in Late


If you want to have a better chance to get an upgrade to your hotel room, wait until it’s near the end of the day. At that time, the hotels are able to better evaluate the vacancies and are more likely to give you upgrades that are available.

#5 Seek for Coupon Codes


Though hotels don’t provide coupons regularly, you can search for coupon codes on some third-party booking sites which can offer you a cheaper stay. For example, at Hotels.com, Coupon Sherpa offers up to 40% off select hotels.

#6 Try Midweek


Here you should reason backwards. Since Friday and Saturday are busy time for hotels, it’s highly recommended to check in from Sunday to Thursday. In fact, many hotels offer a huge discount on midweek room rates. In addition, the spas, restaurant, and pool will be much more quieter, so you can get an extra bonus!.

#7 Negotiate Your Price


Don’t be afraid to negotiate your rate. Hotels with vacancies are usually willing to offer rooms at a lower rate rather than leave them empty. You can bargain directly with the hotels by telling them the price you’ve found on third-party website, and ask them if they can beat it. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for free parking, workout facilities or breakfast.

#8 Sign Up for Loyalty Programs


For loyal customers, hotels are often willing to offer them rewards. The perks can be various, ranging from free Wi-Fi, free upgrades, a free night stay and special access to exclusive events. The more points you accrue as a loyalty program member, the more perks and privileges you are entitled to.

#9 Use Your Flight Mileage


Many travelers don’t realize that their airline miles can be exchanged for discounts or other hotel freebies. Try this when making your next booking.

#10 Sign Up for Alerts on Price Drops


The rate of hotels can fluctuate from time to time. Websites, like Kayak and Hotels.com, provide price-drop alert services to save you time. So, sign up for this service and get a timely notice by email or text when the rates start to drop.

#11 Try a Newly-opened Hotel


Newly-opened hotels are often more willing to put extra effort into attracting new customers. In order to improve consumers’ experiences and let the word out, new hotels are more likely to offer perks and extra benefits for travelers.

#12 Mention Special Occasions


If it’s your honeymoon, birthday or anniversary, don’t hesitate to tell the hotel when you make a booking. Usually the hotel will provide your some perks for your celebration, which can be a bottle of champagne, a free upgrade, or some other exclusive reward.

#13 Search for Reciprocal Deals

Hotels cooperate with various business partners to offer customers the chance to earn perks. For instance, Marriott.com guests can earn points for shopping for wines and gifts on selected websites. And Starwood Preferred guests can earn points for using Uber.

#14 Stay Away from the City Centre


The location of a hotel can have a huge influence on it’s price. So if you want to save a few bucks, you should stay away from the city centre. As long as the public transportation is convenient, it’s far more cost-efficient than spending money on the location.

#15 Show Your Influence


If you happen to be a popular blogger with considerable amount of subscribers, or you are active on rating websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor, let the hotels know. They might consider you as an influencer and off you discounts or some other rewards.

That’s all. Bon Voyage!