15 Struggles That All People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand

1. You will never be comfy again.


2. What people say when they try on my glasses.


3. This is what you would see without glasses.


4. When it is raining...


5. When you are trying to enjoy a hot meal...


6. Have to wear two pairs of glasses when watching 3D movies.


7. No matter what your style is, people still think you are a nerd.


8. And for those who don't wear glasses, they want to try them because they want to be fashionable.


9. Your glasses are always lost in the weirdest places.


10. So you just wish to have another pair of glasses when you can't find your glasses.


11. And there is no hope for broken pieces.


12. Can't even enjoy a pool with or without your glasses.


13. How other people would react when you have your glasses off.

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14. You have to clean them every ten minutes.

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15. Wish there are prescription sunglasses.

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