15-Year-Old Dying Dog Lived To See Owner Get Married

Charlie got whatever he wanted, but I couldn't offer him a family. As soon as I met James and the boys, it was the last thing that I could give him." O'connell said.

1. The bride, Kelly O'connell, met Charlie Bear when he was just 12 weeks old.

He had 5 seizures the week before the wedding. O'Connel and Garvin made arrangements for him to be put to sleep.


2. Charlie became Kelly's best friend.

He "seemed like a whole new dog." O'connell said. she thought he might actually make it to the wedding.


3. In 2010, O'connell met fellow veteriarian James Garvin, and fell in love. They were getting married this September and wanted 15-year-old Charlie to be there more than anything.

James and I just grabbed onto him, and we just kept saying, "You made it, buddy, you made it." O'Connell said.


4. Sadly Charlie Bear was diagnosed with a brain tumor last April.


5. Then suddenly, the week of the wedding Charlie had no seizures, no trouble walking.

He wasn't suffering - he was having the time of his life," she said. "His body was failing him, but he was happy."


6. Guess what? He did make it down the aisle. But he couldn't make it back.


7. Charlie was too tired to walk back, so Katie Lloyd, Kelly's sister, scooped up the 80-pound dog and carried him back in her arms.

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8. O'Connell said she could "see it in his eyes" that Charlie held on in his final days for her.

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9. Charlie Bear was put to sleep a little over a week later on Sept.9.

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