27 Famous Athletes Revealed Their Lavish Cars

Everyone loves fancy cars, but not so many can afford them. Luckily for these famous athletes, they can bring home any car they like. Here we have listed 27 world-class athletes and their lavish vehicles. Take a look!

1. Serena Williams - Bentley Continental GT, $198K

Serena Williams is the proud owner of a Bentley Continental GT, which is valued at $198,500. Powered by a W12 engine, the GT can reach 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds. Though it can't compete with the speed of a Williams serve, it is great for a car.

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2. Tom Brady - Audi R8, $165K

Future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady is a fan of lavish cars. To be honest, though, everyone would love fancy cars if they had a net worth of $580 million! Pictured here is a red Audi R8 from Brady's collection.

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3. Kobe Bryant - Ferrari F430, $300K

It's not really all that surprising that NBA great Kobe Bryant owns such an impressive car collection, considering his $500 million net worth. Reports say he has a pricey Bentley and Range Rover, but during an interview with Charlie Rose, it seems this Ferrari 360 Modena is his favorite. The highest trim of this road-going convertible can cost buyers $300,000, a price befitting a sporting legend. 

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4. Dwayne Johnson - Pagani Huayra, $1.3M

The Rock is a fan of exotic sports cars. One of his luxurious collection is a Pagani Huayra. Who wouldn't fall in love with such a gorgeous car if they had a $280 million in the bank?17 Famous Athletes Revealed Their Lavish Cars_4

5. Odell Beckham Jr. - Mercedes-AMG CLS63, $110K

Odell Beckham Jr. is living a rather comfortable life off-court with $25 million in his bank account. His lavish fleet includes a Rolls Royce Phantom ($417,825) and a Mercedes-AMG CLS 63 coupe ($109,825). The latter is powered by an 8 Biturbo engine capable of 577 horsepower.

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6. Shaq - Rolls-Royce Phantom, $400K

Shaquille O'Neal was near-bankrupt once, but thanks to wise investments, he now has a net worth of $400 million. And like many of the millionaires in the world, he is a proud owner of a Rolls-Royce Phantom, which costs over $400,000.17 Famous Athletes Revealed Their Lavish Cars_6

7. Michael Jordan - Corvette ZR1 40th Anniversary Edition, $67K

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest NBA players of all time and after his retirement, he has also managed to build a quite successful and lucrative career off the court. As of 2019, his net worth is estimated to be $1.9 billion, and by default, he can afford any vehicle under the sun. One of his favorite cars is a  Corvette ZR1 40th Anniversary Edition. It has an extraordinary color and a typical Corvette body style.

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8. Floyd Mayweather - Rolls Royce Phantom Limo, $3.8M

Former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather likes lavish cars and he likes them being white. He had every single vehicle of his fleet painted white. We suppose if you are worth $750 million like Mayweather, you'd do the same thing. Pictured here is his grandiose Rolls Royce Phantom Limo.

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9. John Cena - Corvette Incenarator, Price Undisclosed

With a $55 million net worth, you could imagine John Cena is perhaps a little tired of ordinary cars, so that could be the reason he had Corvette make a custom sports car named "InCENArator." It is certainly an impressive vehicle, though it may not be to everyone's taste.

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10. Lebron James - Lamborghini Aventador, $670K

Lebron James needs no introduction. With a $275 million net worth earned from various NBA contracts and endorsement deals, he has assembled a fleet of unique cars, one of which is a Lamborghini Aventador with a floral sneaker design.

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11. Cristiano Ronaldo - Bugatti Chiron, $2.5M

Many people consider Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the hottest soccer players in the world. With that status comes not only girls but cars as well. His fleet includes a Bentley, a Ferrari, a Porsche, and a limited-edition Audi, but his most expensive ride may well be the Bugatti Chiron, which runs buyers about $2.5 million.

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12. Bubba Watson - General Lee, $110K

Bubba Watson once ranked 2nd place in the Official World Golf Rankings, and that talent has been repaid with huge amounts of prize money, endorsement deals and of course lavish cars. One of the most exotic cars from his fleet is an original Dukes of Hazzard General Lee car.

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13. Antonio Brown - Rolls Royce Wraith, $315K

The New England Patriots wide receiver is doing fine, despite recent charges accusing him of sexually assaulting former trainer Britney Taylor. He owns an intergalactic themed custom-wrapped Wraith. The car has a satellite-assisted transmission and all the usual flourishes you'd expect from a car that costs $315,000.

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14. David Beckham - Custom 2010 Chevy Camaro, $55K

Although David Beckham now has a net worth of $450 million, he still drives his humble custom built 2010 Chevy Camaro.

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15. Lewis Hamilton - Pagani Zonda, $2M

Lewis Hamilton is probably the best race car driver in the world, and his speed addiction led to his choice of a gorgeous purple Pagani Zonda. Such an exotic car doesn't come with a cheap price tag, but there are no worries for Lewis with his $489 million net worth.

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16. Maria Sharapova - Porsche 911 Cabriolet, $200K

Maria Sharapova was one of the greatest tennis players in her prime years, and she has now built an empire worth $195 million. She was a brand ambassador for Porsche and made a Porsche 911 Cabriolet her vehicle of choice.

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17. Lionel Messi - Prius, $35K

Lionel Messi is one of the most recognizable figures of soccer and has a net worth of $400 million. He has a number of lavish vehicles in his garage, including a Ferrari with a list price of $32 million. But he also owns a Prius. We don't know if the car is a publicity stunt or whether he really drives it every day.

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18. Stephen Curry - Range Rover Supercharged LWB, $200K

Curry's huge contract with the Golden State Warriors and multiple endorsement deals have helped him to accumulate more than $90 million in his bank account. As a result, his garage is full of fancy cars, such as a Mercedes G55, a Porsche GT3 RS, a Porsche Panamera with a V8 engine, and this Range Rover Supercharged LWB. We’re guessing this car must have plenty enough legroom.

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19. Tiger Woods - Porsche Carrera GT, $440K

Tiger Woods, one of the best and richest golfers of all time, is a big fan of luxurious vehicles. He has a variety of cars in his garage, including a Buick Enclave, a 2001 Buick Benga, a Cadillac Escalade, a Lexus LS460 Sedan, and a Porsche Carrera GT worth around $440K. Insurance sure must cost him a pretty hefty amount, but considering his $800 million net worth, he still has plenty in his bank account.

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20. Dwight Howard - Ferrari FF, $301K

Howard luckily earned millions of dollars during his best seasons as NBA's top center. And that's why he can afford this impressive $300K Ferrari FF without applying for a car loan. Like any true champion, Howard wanted to customize his ride, and he did so with an all-red interior and blacked-out windows.

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21. James Harden - Chevrolet Camaro, Price Undisclosed

During his seven-year tenure with the Houston Rockets, James Harden rose to become one of the NBA's leading scorers and has earned NBA All-Star honors seven times. His contract allows him to invest huge amounts of money on cars without worrying about going bankrupt. Some of the best cars he owns include a Roll-Royce Wraith, a Mercedes Benz S550, and a bright yellow Chevrolet Camaro.17 Famous Athletes Revealed Their Lavish Cars_21

22. Giannis Antetokounmpo - BMW I8, Price Undisclosed

This Greek basketball player is one of the lucky few who earn close to $3 million per year. In June, he was awarded the NBA Most Valuable Player of 2019. With that kind of dough and as the top player in the league, the BMW I8 is a perfect fit. The car can achieve 76 MPG in its hybrid mode and produce an astonishing 369 brake horsepower. Nice choice, man!

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23. Kevin Durant - Ferrari California, $200K

The two-time NBA Champion left the Warriors for the Nets in July on a four-year, $164 million max contract, but we don’t think he would leave his beloved Ferrari California behind in California. This supercar comes with a top speed of 196 mph. It’s speedy enough to allow him to be fast both on the road and on the court.

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24. Kyrie Irving - Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, $23K

During his nearly eight years in the NBA, Kyrie Irving has been seen driving an Audi R8, a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, and a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Of all the cars in his garage, Irving seems to like his Jeep the most. He has even aired a number of commercials to promote the 2014 Jeep Wrangler.

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25. Blake Griffin - Tesla Model S, Price Undisclosed

Blake Griffin, along with a number of other celebrities including Will Smith, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, seem to have a thing for Tesla. Here he was seen at a gas station with his steel blue Tesla Model S, even though the car is purely electric. Maybe he just stopped to wash the windscreens.

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26. Carmelo Anthony - 1971 Chevelle, Price Undisclosed

Carmelo Anthony is still looking for an NBA team after leaving the Chicago Bulls in February. But even so, his career to date has paid off, earning him NBA All-Star status ten times and a $120 million fortune. Like many other NBA stars, he also has a fleet of flashy cars. One of them is a vintage 1971 Chevelle with a Baltimore Orioles logo in memory of his Baltimore upbringing.

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27. Chris Paul - Jeep JKU Wrangler Unlimited, Price Undisclosed

Chris Paul is widely considered to be one of the top point guards in the NBA. He has made millions of dollars from his NBA runs with the New Orleans Pelicans, Los Angeles Clippers, and now the Houston Rockets. Though it seems Paul will never win an NBA Championship, he has a championship-worthy garage, which has many incredible automobiles like the Jeep JKU Wrangler Unlimited and a Range Rover as well as a custom 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

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