20 Animals Before & After Being Called A Good Boy

For humans, it's in our nature that we all want to be praised. However, when it comes to animals, we may not know for sure because sometimes they give us the happy reactions, and some other times they just couldn’t care less. Click through to find out 20 animals before and after being called a good boy. 

1. "Wait! What did you just call me? A good boy?"

2. "Who me? Yes I know, I don't need your confirmation."

3. "Yeah, you know I deserve that name."

4. "Thank you for telling me that. It makes me so happy."

5. "And I'm a pretty boy, too."

6. "Now you have my attention. Speak more, human."

7. "You know I am not a good girl, and I never want to be one!"

8. "That means treat, right?"

9. "Heard you say good fish."

10. "Ummm I think I heard that name before? Who's that again?"

11. "OMG! Did you hear that? I'm a good girl!"

12. "Yes...and?"

13. "I need more than a good boy."

14. "Finally, I am a good boy."

15. "Ok. What do you want?"

16. "Well. I can be a good boy for a while."

17. "A good boy isn't enough to comfort me."

18. "Thank you. And I am also a cute boy."

19. "This is the first time you call me that."

20. "Yeah, OK. Now can you leave me to my food?"