20 Bedroom Design Ideas That Will Inspire You

Attention, small space dwellers! If you are looking for a bedroom makeover but there isn’t enough space for you to work with, you’re in the right spot.

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep but do we realise how much the interior can impact this? Although many modern design ideas would suggest that you have a sitting area or a king size bed in your bedroom, keep in mind that a bedroom is a place to rest and recharge in the end.

To discover your ideal bedroom decor ideas, just click through the pics below…


1. French Grandeur

This is a classic pastoral style bedroom with its French-style furniture adding up woodwork painted in darker sage than the walls, which decorates the picture rail and skirting board.


2. Modern and Relaxing Tone

This home in Mexico would be ideal for those who want everything in their bedroom to ooze comfort. To reach this end, the designer chooses organic colors like ocean blue and deep brown.


3. Matching Palette

“Less is Better” doesn’t seem the right rule when it comes to filling up a blank boring wall. The traditional bed frame gets revitalized when paired with a series of canvases and upholstered with clean white linen.


4. Small Office

Many designers would stand against setting up a working area in your bedroom. But let’s face it, sometimes it’s not up to us when we just need to send late emails. By creating a small office zone in our room, we can spare the guilt for finishing up the paperwork.


5. Use Room Shape

The single bed uses the most of the room shape and fits perfectly into the wall, leaving a large amount of floor space to impress others.


6. Mimic Sunlight

This small bedroom is designed and decorated by Sara Bengur in Colorhouse's Grain. She said "it makes the room feel like it's bathed in Mediterranean sunshine."


7. Lots of Drawers

The under-bed storage design for bedrooms can provide extra space for clothes, shoes, accessories and more.


8. Floral Wallpaper

This small bedroom with floral wallpaper and antique furniture impresses us through a way of vintage charm.


9. Classic White and Black Combo

White is widely applied as a base color in small bedrooms because it can prevent the the space from looking too crowded or boxed in.


10. Sweet and Crisp

A sharp orange gives a huge makeover to the classic white-and-blue combination. There also seem to be more storage space with the pendant lights over the bed tables.


11. Minimalist Bedroom

The essence of minimalism is to be aware that the highlight of the space lies in the bed and therefore you need to keep furnitures and accessories down to a minimum.


12. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have versatile functions in a small personal space. It can function as a nightstand, a bookcase , a laptop desk or simply an entry table at the door.


13. Crisp Bed Frame

If you want to bring in a four-poster bed but still want to keep your small master room, opt for skinny dark wood which makes a contrast against white walls.


14. Glam Neutrals

Here, a warmer tone keeps the bedroom glam yet cozy.


15. Tall Nightstands

Make full use of the space over your nightstands for additional storage.


16. Cool and Simple

The classic white-and-blue combo can be quite practical and easy if you just want your room to be clean and simple. Besides, it also creates extra storage with a storage wall.


17. Modern and Minimal

This small bedroom manages to keep its elements minimal but go one step further by adding texture with the quilted diamond pattern bedding and headboard.


18. Storing Bed

Another idea to create more space is to bring in a storing bed that can be tucked into the cabinet.


19. Small And Whimsical

Although the bed takes up most of the space,you can still add some whimsical elements and develop more storage room by adding floating shelves.


20. Corner Headboard Idea

The repeated use of the modern patterned textile in the corner headboard, bedskirt and blinds greatly shifts the style of this small bedroom.