20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020

The year 2020 has taken the lives of countless people, and many of them are people you may know. Let us remember, bid farewell, and pay tribute to these respectable celebrities. 

1. Albert Uderzo, Apr. 25, 1927 - Mar. 24, 202020 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_1

The French comic-book artist Albert Uderzo has died at the age of 92 due to a heart attack. During his lifetime, Albert and his lifelong friend, writer Rene Goscinny, together created the beloved Asterix comics - stories about the adventures of warriors fighting against the Roman Empire. Albert and his heroic stories were and will always be loved and remembered worldwide.  

2. B. Smith, Aug. 24, 1949 - Feb. 22, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_2

Best known for being one of the first African-American models on Mademoiselle's cover, B. Smith was also a restaurateur and lifestyle guru. After being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she and her husband managed to cope and maintain an active lifestyle. Although they've been through frustrations and quarrels, they still remained very close. B. Smith died at 70 after her seven-year battle with Alzheimer's.

3. Kobe Bryant, Aug. 23, 1978 - Jan. 26, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_3

The death of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter accident shocked the world. As one of the greatest players in NBA history, Kobe has played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 20 years. After his retirement, he still continued his love for basketball in every aspect of his life, especially in encouraging youths to play basketball. His death at 42 will be grieved by all who love basketball. 

4. Phyllis George, Jun. 25, 1949 - May. 14, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_4

Beauty made the 22-year-old Phyllis George Miss America, and intelligence set her on the road to a career as a host. As a sports hostess, she has hosted major sports shows, such as The NFL Today, and received praise for her successful interviews with star athletes. After a prolonged fight against a blood disorder, the pioneering sportscaster died at 70 from Leukemia.

5. Jerry Stiller, Jun. 8, 1927 - May. 11, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_5

Comedy star Jerry Stiller died due to natural causes at the age of 92. Best known for his roles on Seinfeld and The King Of Queens, Jerry had a lengthy career and was loved by his coworkers and family. When the news of Jerry's death came out, the whole of Hollywood mourned him.

6. Little Richard, Dec. 5, 1932 - May. 9, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_6

The founding father of rock'n'roll Little Richard died of bone cancer at 87. Starting with Tutti Frutti, he cut a series of hits and broke musical barriers. Despite his success, he had long struggled between his Catholic faith and his sexuality, even at one point abandoning rock music for Gospel music. Thanks to his return to country-rock, we were able to enjoy this flamboyant legend for a while longer.

7. Olivia de Havilland, Jul. 1, 1916 - Jul. 25, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_7

Olivia de Havilland, one of the last grande dames of Hollywood's Golden Age, died peacefully at the age of 104. The long-lived actress gained movie immortality after starring in Gone With the Wind. Nevertheless, her greatest legacy was her fight against Hollywood's grip on contract actors, and in that way, she changed the face of the film industry. Our heroine lived a secluded life after retirement until she passed away.  

8. Al Kaline, Dec. 19, 1934-Apr. 6, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_8

Baseball legend Kaline has died at 85 of unknown causes. He was the youngest player to win the American League batting championship, and his love for baseball led him to spend 22 seasons with the Detroit Tigers. His excellent performances proved that he did what he was most proud of: trying his best to play baseball and winning for his team.

9. Kirk Douglas, Dec. 9, 1916 - Feb. 5, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_9

Kirk Douglas, one of the last surviving stars from Hollywood's golden age, passed away at 103. Douglas was recognized for his rugged appearance and muscular physique. He was the eponymous tough-guy in his movies, especially in Spartacus. Although he might be controversial because of his volatile temperament, he was undoubtedly an unforgettable Hollywood legend. 

10. Kelly Preston, Oct. 13, 1962 - Jul. 12, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_10

After the two-year battle with breast cancer, actress Kelly Preston died at the age of 57. Kelly was fortunate to work with Hollywood heavyweights, such as Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise, and met her husband John Travolta on set. The couple have been through their ups and downs, from co-starring in several films to fighting against breast cancer. 

11. Robert Conrad, Mar. 1, 1935 - Feb. 8, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_11

Robert Conrad, our beloved two-fisted TV star, passed away at 83 due to congestive heart failure. When the lithe, blue-eyed Robert appeared as a government agent in The Wild Wild West, mesmerizing audiences absolutely adored him. In real life, he was known for his tough-guy image, hot temper, and straightforward personality. 

12. Orson Bean, Jul. 22, 1928 - Feb. 7, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_12

Starting out as a humorist, Orson Bean was well known for the game show To Tell the Truth. Later he retreated to a hippie life. When he finally got tired of the lifestyle, Orson revived his acting career and starred in many TV series, including Desperate Housewives and How I Met Your Mother. His life that was full of upheavals and restarts ended in a car accident at the age of 91. 

13. Regis Philbin, Aug. 25, 1931 - Jul. 24, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_13

Due to heart disease, the award-winning host Regis Philbin passed away one month shy of his 89th birthday. Throughout his 60-year career, Regis has hosted a series of highly rated shows, such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and America's Got Talent. This "great listener" will be remembered for his warmth and his sense of humor.

14. Kenny Rogers, Aug. 21, 1938 - Mar. 20, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_14

The Grammy Award winner Kenny Rogers was considered as a true music's crossover artist. During his 60-years career, Rogers has covered a vast musical turf, from bluegrass to country music, and even starred in movies based on his song The Gambler. At the age of 81, he died peacefully at home. 

15. John Prine, Oct. 10, 1946 - Apr. 7, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_15

Before being discovered as a songwriter, John Prine was a mailman. After turning to music full-time, he released loads of signature songs, such as Sam Stone and Paradise. Having fortunately recovered from cancer twice, 73-year-old Prine didn't survive from a recent bout of lung disease.

16. Katherine Johnson, Aug. 26, 1918 - Feb. 24, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_16

The American hero Katherine Johnson passed away peacefully at the age of 101. During her 33 years working for NASA, Katherine was involved in almost every major space program, such as John Glenn's orbit of the Earth. In 2015, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to honor her significant contribution to space exploration.

17. Christo, Jun. 13, 1935 - May. 31, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_17

Best known for his monumental art projects, the Bulgarian artist Christo died at the age of 84. He and his wife have turned many iconic landmarks into fabric wrapped artworks, including the most celebrated "The Gates" in New York's Central Park. Although he has passed away, his art projects and concept will live on.  

18. Charlie Daniels, Oct. 28, 1936 - Jul. 6, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_18

With his famous song Devil Went Down to Georgia, Charlie Daniels became the leading figure in Southern rock. During his storied career in music, he kept pursuing perfection and refused to retire, even if his health condition was an ongoing concern. At the age of 83, Charlie died after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke.

19. Nick Cordero, Sep. 17, 1978 - Jul. 5, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_19

Broadway actor Nick Cordero was widely known for his role as Cheech in the musical adaptation of Bullets Over Broadway. Nick was diagnosed with the new lung disease early this March and suffered a series of complications, including blood clots. His death has shaken people because he was only 41 and had no history of medical problems. 

20. Bill Withers, Jul. 4, 1938 - Mar. 30, 2020

20 Celebrities Who Have Passed Away In 2020_20

Bill Withers, a three-time Grammy Award winner, died from Cardiovascular disease at 81. His songs had once made a stir in the 1970s, with hits such as Lean On Me and Ain't No Sunshine. However, he decided to quit his singing career in 1985, and has never released an album since then.