20 Couples Who Were Caught In The Act Shouldn't Be Allowed Out In Public

Public displays of affection (PDA) is all the rage these days. Cuddling, hand-holding, gentle kissing in public are totally okay. But eating the face off of your loved one in full view of everyone is just a complete no-no. Here are 20 couples who really need to get a room.


1. In the Bog

These two just couldn't wait to get home and smooch each other. But the smell in the male toilet may not be so romantic.


2. Only in Walmart

This guy clearly doesn’t give a damn about where he is, copping a feel is all that matters.


3. Men in Black

These two men have clearly cottoned on to the young couple getting down and dirty on the grass behind them.


4. Bend Over Love

Not just young couples are into their PDA, elders are too. "What are we doing? Oh, just picking up seashells..."


5. Festival Threesome

This PDA developed into a threesome. Though perhaps not the most ideal place for it, they all seem to be having a wonderful time.


6. Sickly Sweet

This is how you feel when you’ve had enough of your mates being all over each other, all over the place, all the time.


7. Take a Look

At first glance this seems innocent enough. Maybe she's got a bad rash or something down there that she wants him to check out. But it's downright filthy.


8. Hoist 'Er Up

This man looks like he’s holding his woman by her bum, perhaps they should move to another chair.


9. Study Snuggles

These two students prove that the best way to study biology is through practice, not books. This poor bystander was stunned to learn this.


10. How Romantic

These two love birds seem all loved up, staring into the distance, arms around each other. Oh, wait, his hand up her butt kind of ruins the romance entirely.


11. After Dark

It'll be more proper to commit their PDA in the park when it got a little darker. Clearly nothing to see here then.


12. Up the Top

Some guys prefer the bottom, but this guy prefers the upper part of his lady friend’s body. He doesn’t seem to mind showing it off to the whole world either.


13. Subway Snuggle

Do the dirty on the subway? Will it be more pleasant? Anyway, they do it under a blanket.


14. Private Beach

Whether these ladies are on their own private beach or not, they are not hiding their love from anybody.


15. A Romantic Show in Crowd

This couple just wants to put on their own show.


16. Park Snuggle

Hope there weren't any kids around this couple who were experiencing nature.


17. Hold On

Sometimes, you've just got to grab the things you want. This guy is doing just that.


18. Unpleasant Interruption

This is one way to ruin a very romantic moment!


19. A Third Wheel

Hanging out with a couple is the worst decision especially when they just got caught up in the moment.


20. Summer Love

With summer being so short, Couples need to get outside and make the most of it.