20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought

1. Aaron Rodgers - 8 Twelve MVP Bar & Grill 20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_1

NFL star Aaron Rodgers used to partner with baseball player Ryan Braun in creating the restaurant brand 8 Twelve MVP Bar & Grill. It was pulling off its steakhouse-sports bar aura for a long time back in the day. That is until 2011 when Ryan Braun admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. Aaron had to stop collaborating with him and renamed the restaurant to Hom.

2. Michael Jordan - Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse  20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_2

Before retiring from the NBA, Michael Jordan had already made several successful business ventures to ensure her would live a comfortable retirement. One of these was a fine-dining steakhouse called Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse. Since then, he has opened more restaurants in New York City, Connecticut, Washington, as well as in Chicago.

3. Serena Williams - Target Swimsuits, $40

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_3

Apart from being one of the richest and most well-known female tennis players in the world, Serena Williams is also a huge fan of the store Target. She loves shopping from its natural beauty line and swimsuit section. In fact, the tennis star’s favorite swimsuit was bought from Target, and it only costs $40!

4. Tiger Woods - One Mega Mansion, $60 Million

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_4

In 2016, superstar golfer Tiger Woods splurged $40 million on a piece of oceanfront real estate. He knocked down the old structure and built a new one to his own requirements - that meant spending an extra $20 million. Now the Jupiter Island mansion includes a guest house, a boathouse, a golf training studio, a garage, and several docks where Tiger’s 150-foot yacht, Privacy, is moored.

5. Floyd Mayweather - One Engagement Ring, $10 Million

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_5

Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather used to be in an on-again-off-again romantic relationship with actress Shantel Jackson for four years. At one time they got engaged, and Mayweather bought her a $10 million luxury engagement ring. It was made out of a 150-carat diamond and designed by Pristine Jewelers from New York City. However, the two split up for good shortly afterwards. We don’t know if Shantel has returned the ring yet, but with a net worth of $1 billion, maybe Mayweather doesn’t care so much.

6. Shaquille O’Neal - Three Cars, Diamonds, Jewelry, $1 Million

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_6

Shaquille O’Neal is undoubtedly one of the most iconic basketball players of all time, but we have to say maybe he needs to keep his finances in check. Back in 1992 when he first inked deals with the NBA and a trading card company, he spent the $1 million he’d just gotten in one day! His shopping cart included a total of $400K worth of Mercedes Benz cars, some jewelry and diamonds.

7. Conor McGregor - A 75-Foot Yacht, $3.4 Million

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_7

UFC fighter Conor McGregor owns a 75-foot superyacht. The yacht is customized for him and cost him a whopping $3.4 million. Now Conor can fight the elements in his gorgeous vessel, which features four cabins, a walk-in closet, and a hydraulic bathing platform.

8. Kobe Bryant - Twenty Bottles of Cristal Champagne, $21K

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_8

Kobe has always been one of the best NBA players around and he doesn’t like losing. One time he went to the opening of the boutique nightclub, BLUSH, with his wife Vanessa. They encountered a professional poker player, Antonio Esfandiari. Antonio requested two bottles of Cristal which cost $1.4K each. So, Bryant requested five. Antonio then ordered ten. Kobe topped it by ordering fifteen. At last, Kobe ordered 20 bottles which cost him $21k, but he didn’t drink any of it!

9. Allen Iverson - Jewelry, $900K

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_9

Allen Iverson used to bring more than $200 million home during his heyday in the NBA. Somehow though he ended up broke after retirement. The big problem was that although he was no longer an NBA player, he still shopped like one. He used to purchase jewelry from a Georgia jeweler, but didn’t have the funds to pay for it when the court ordered him to pay up $900K for his purchases.

10. Scottie Pippen - Gulfstream Jet, $4.3 Million

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_10

The former star player of the Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen, was ecstatic when he added a Gulfstream Jet to his luxurious collection in 2002. But the jet he had just bought couldn’t fly and required repairs amounting to $1 million. So Scottie decided to sue his lawyer as he hadn’t attended the plane’s inspection. He won the lawsuit and received $2 million in compensation.

11. Tom Brady - Gulfstream G550, $50 Million

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_11

The star quarterback of New England Patriots treated himself to a luxurious private jet - a Gulfstream G550. So now he can fly back home with his gorgeous supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen. The jet reportedly cost the couple $50 million. But with a combined net worth of $580 million, the couple can buy anything they lay their eyes on.

12. Antonio Brown - Car Collection, Estimated  $1 Million

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_12

What would you buy if you had a net worth of $25 million? Well, wide receiver Antonio Brown chose to spend a proportion of his fortune on luxurious cars. His fleet includes a Mercedes Benz, an Alfa Romeo, a Ferrari, and his famous Rolls-Royce Phantom.

13. John Cena - Car Collection, Estimated Over $3 Million

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_13

Another famous athlete who fancies lavish cars is John Cena. The professional wrestler, actor, and rapper has reportedly spent more than $3 million on the beloved vehicles, including a customized Corvette he calls InCENArator.

14. Brett Favre - Brett Favre’s Steakhouse

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_14

While Brett Favre was playing for the Green Bay Packers, he opened up his very own restaurant called Brett Favre’s Steakhouse. The restaurant was run by his family and business partners. When Brett was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, they also renamed the restaurant to the Hall of Fame Chophouse. Sadly, the Hall of Fame Chophouse permanently closed its doors in 2018 after 17 years in business.

15. Yao Ming - Yao Restaurant, $1.5  Million

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_15

In the early 00s, Yao Ming and his parents made a $1.5 million business adventure. They opened up the Yao Restaurant, which combined Chinese cuisine and a sports bar in one. A fun fact about the restaurant: the restaurant doors are ten feet high so tall customers won't have to duck.

16. Mike Tyson - Three Tigers, $210K

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_16

Retired heavyweight champion Mike Tyson once brought home a trio of white Bengal tigers. Each beast was valued at $70k, but that was not the biggest cost. To feed the tigers, Tyson spent $200k more and he still needed to spend an additional $125k to hire an animal trainer. However, he had to get rid of the tigers a year later, after someone was bitten by one of the beasts.

17. Cristiano Ronaldo - Nineteen Luxury Cars, $4.9 Million

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_17

Like many other athletes on our list, soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo is also a fan of lavish vehicles. He owns a fleet of around 19 cars that are valued at approximately $4.9 million. The most expensive one, a Bugatti Veyron, cost him $1.7 million.

18. O.J. Simpson - Car Collection, Over $5 Million

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_18

Despite all the unpleasant incidents, O.J. Simpson has enough savings to stay afloat. He even maintains a high-profile car collection which includes a white Bronco and a Bentley Continental. The fleet is worth more than $5 million.

19. Lionel Messi - One Mansion, Price Undisclosed

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_19

Talking about soccer legends, you can never leave out Lionel Messi. In 2013 he bought his neighbor’s mansion - not because he liked it, but because he had no choice. The renters of his neighbor’s house were so noisy that Messi had to buy the mansion to ensure the peace and privacy of his family.

20. Wayne Gretzky - Wayne Gretzky’s

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_20

It appears Wayne Gretzky was both a great hockey player, as well as a wise investor. His investment portfolio includes a restaurant called Wayne Gretzky’s, a winery-distillery called Wayne Gretzky’s Estates, another restaurant in Edmonton Airport, and most recently a restaurant called Studio 99 located in the city of Edmonton.

21. Walt Frazier - Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine

20 Most Ridiculous Things Famous Athletes Have Bought_21

NBA star Walt Frazier has enjoyed a rather comfortable retirement life. He is 74 years old now and owns a restaurant called the Clyde Frazier’s Wine & Dine in the Hudson Yards in New York. He wanted his restaurant to be a place that foodies and sports fans alike could enjoy, so he installed over forty TV screens and built a basketball court in the restaurant.