20 of the Worst States to Retire in the US

Deciding on a place to retire can be as hard as building up the savings it took to get to this point. After all, you don't want to end up living in a place that wlil eat through most of savings in a heartbeat. Your retirement destination determines how much tax you need to pay, what your quality of life will be, and what kind of health care options you will have. Check out the gallery for the 20 cities found to be the least retirement friendly in the US.

1. Louisiana - severe weather condition

You might wonder what Louisiana can offer for retirees? The state has super friendly people, a unique food and music culture, as well as incredible natural beauty. However, the weather here is not that conducive to a comfortable retirement with suffocating summer heat and hurricanes. Besides, the state has low-quality healthcare. If you are still interested in Louisiana, choose Inniswold, where there is a lower crime rate and milder summer.

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