20 Really Crazy X-Rays

We always say that a picture speaks a thousand words, but when it comes to x-rays, it rings true in so many ways, especially when the x-rays are as crazy as the ones below! Note: The last 5 pages are crazy in a very different way.

1. 4-inch Nail

Patrick Lawler complained about a terrible toothache, but it didn't take the dentist too long to find the source of this pain. The x-ray showed a 4-inch nail in the roof of this construction worker's mouth, which the worker unknowingly embedded in his skull 6 days before.


2. Swallowing Scissors

This dude was picking his teeth with a pair of scissors, but then started laughing and oops down went the scissors. Still alive Apparently this guy lived and is perfectly fine. Lesson learned: do not laugh with a sharp object in your mouth!


3. Diamond Ring

Now, we have heard about people swallowing some really weird things, but a diamond ring that was stolen? Stolen and swallowed Yes, this x-ray reveals a diamond ring inside the stomach of Wilfredo Gonzalez-Crus, 30, from Chicago. Wilfredo stole this ring from the home of a women in Cicero and then he swallowed it.


4. Hook in Eye

This 13 year old slipped on an icy floor at school in China. Xiao Lin fell forward onto a hook which embedded into his eye. A handyman at school sawed the hook off the wall to free the lad, leaving a 5cm hook sticking out of his head. Lucky to be alive The surgeon commented: "The hook pierced his skull but was turned to the side by the impact. Any movement would have sent it into his brain and he could have died on the spot. He has lost his right eye but he's very lucky to be alive at all."


5. Bottle and Wire Stuck Inside

A Chinese man was complaining of stomach pains and then forced to seek medical help after he failed to extract a bottle with a curved piece of wire. The medical staff obviously asked questions, but his claimed that he didn't know what was causing the discomfort.


Moment of panic

It was only when the staff presented him with the x-rays that he all of the sudden remembered what had happened. He admitted that he inserted a bottle at home before it got stuck and then said that he used a steel wire in an attempt to get it back out in a moment of panic.


6. Knife in the Head

A 16-year-old boy escaped death when a 5-inch knife was stuck into his head. The teen was rushed to hospital with the kitchen knife still there! Amazing story We can kinda imagine how he bragged with his friends at school about this incident. Indeed an amazing story to tell.


7. Bar up His Rectum

A Chinese man told the hospital doctors that he was moving furniture around the house when he spotted a mouse. He then picked up a steel bar and started chasing the mouse, but he tripped and landed on the bar, which stuck up his anus. Firefighters to the rescue The doctors didn't just want to pull the bar, because it was hooked and they obviously wanted to prevent further injury. It needed firefighters to cut off the bar's protruding end before it could be surgically removed.


8. Car Keys

In this x-ray you can clearly see a set of car keys that penetrated the eyelid of a 17-month-old baby, Nicholas Holderman from Kentucky. You can also see that it's reaching his brain. No permanent damage Doctors initially believed that the keys ruptured his eyeball, but another specialist confirmed that there was no permanent damage. Incredible.


9. Magnets and Steel Balls

Haley Lents, 8, from Indiana, swallowed 10 magnets and 20 steel balls from a Magnetix set. This proved to be more dangerous than it sounds. Looked like candy The magnets and balls attracted one another within her digestive system, ripping a total of 8 holes in her intestines and forcing her parents to rush her to the hospital for emergency surgery. Lents later told reporters that it all looked like candy to her.


10. Steel Bar

Wu Moude, 22, fell on top of a steel bar that pushed 15cm into his head from underneath his chin. A 5-hour surgery To get this out, it took 5 hours of surgery. Surgeons actually had to cut open his windpipe and skull to get the bar out.


11. 78 Pieces of Cutlery

A 52-year-old lady complained about a terrible stomach ache, the doctors took one look at the x-rays and they knew why. Amazed surgeons The surgeons in Rotterdam were amazed when the x-rays showed that she had 78 different pieces of cutlery in her stomach. Seriously??


12. 20cm Knife in Head

A Chinese teen was peeling an apple, when he slipped and stabbed himself in the face with a 7cm knife. His father recalled: "He was walking to the sofa while peeling the apple. Suddenly he slipped and his face hit onto the sharp knife. I didn't want to pull the knife out as my son was screaming. " Fully recovered The Chief surgeon, Peng Liwei, who operated on him, commented: "It's shocking. The knife, which is more than 20cm long, penetrated 7cm into his face. The surgery was successful and the patient could recover fully in around a month. "Got stuck


13. Vibrator up the Bum

This guy got a vibrator up his bum, but that wasn't enough to send him to the ER. He simply tried on his own to remove the object by using a pair of salad tongs. Problem was the tongs got stuck as well. Now that sure was enough to get him to the hospital for sure.


14. I Wish I Hadn't Killed That Fish


15. Horse! Sea Horse.


16. Under The Sea.. Under The Sea .. La La La La La


17. Birdy?


18. Baby?


19. Mommy


20. Mommy When She Was Pregnant