22 Weirdest, Wackiest, And Most Spectacular Toilets On Earth

Permanently, these urinal-mouths are in plenty need of mints.

1. The Tuba Urinals

What does the red laser mean? I'm afraid the evil robot toilets will kill us all!


2. The Nuns

Simple, but effective. It's the best use of a traffic cone except being worn as a hat at some festivals.


3. The Lips

The faint-hearted had better stay away!


4. The Evil Robot Toilets

It must be a COOL experience to go to the toilet at the top of a ski jump.


5. The Cone

It's all well until somebody comes out from behind a tree and sees you laying a chocolate brick.


6. Poo On A Crazy Cliff Edge

It's a urinal that looks like George W Bush... Use your own words!


7. The Ski Jump

What if the fish are looking at you on the toilet?


8. The Great Outdoors

We have no idea whether this is for the people who really like "Star Wars" or hate it.


9. The George W Bush

This's exactly what Kanye West's toilet looks like, at least in our mind's eye.


10. The Aquarium

Seriously, dude, where's my toilet?" Have you noticed it?


11. The Millennium Falcon

Is it a toilet or a mini building? A toilet, surely.


12. Pimp My Urinal

Apparently, this toilet tower is not for the acrophobes.


13. Dude, Where's My Toilet?

This urinal is wrong on so many levels.


14. The Council Estate

This toilet is really cool until you press the flush button and the floor completely disappears.


15. The Toilet Tower

This toilet is absolutely perfect for someone who need to "go" in a rush.


16. The Dirty Doris

Sick of going to the toilet in that stuffy bathroom, putting one on the balcony seems a cool idea.


17. The Transparent Floor

This toilet helps you do the work, but what happens when it starts malfunctioning?


18. The Speeding Toilet

Will those flowers blossom more every time you go to it?


19. The Balcony


20. The Helpful Toilet

Public displays of affection (PDA) is all the rage these days. Cuddling, hand-holding, gentle kissing in public are totally okay. But eating the face off of your loved one in full view of everyone is just a complete no-no. Here are 20 couples who really need to get a room.


21. The Flowers

These two just couldn't wait to get home and smooch each other. But the smell in the male toilet may not be so romantic.


22. The Toilet Slide

This guy clearly doesn't give a damn about where he is, copping a feel is all that matters.