23 Cringe-Worthy Supermodel Stumbles

If you thought life as a catwalk model was easy, these photos might make you reconsider... Whilst putting one foot in front of the other may not seem particularly challenging, skyscraper heels coupled with a shiny walkway and the pressure of knowing that all eyes are on you mean that putting one foot wrong can have disasterous results - namely ending up face down on the runway as other models step over you. With three models already down at New York Fashion Week, take a look at some more dramatic catwalk falls in the gallery below.



Victoria's Secret Super Candice Swanepoel almost made it to the end of the Givenchy SS16 runway at New York Fashion Week. Almost.


Supermodel stumbles

Another Givenchy SS16 model went down - this time over the wooden pallet steps erected on the runway.


New York Fashion Week spring/summer 16 started with a bang when a model at the VFiles show could take no more of her fluffy David Ferreira heels.


Another unfortunate model teeters precariously on her heels after losing her balance midway through Dior's spring/summer 2008 cruise show in New York.


Is she indulging in a spot of impromptu yoga? Or adopting an emergency crouch position? Whatever it is, it's a unique look for New York's 2009 Herve Leger show.


The disaster's written all over this model's face as she and her floor-length gown come to blows.


Ever the pro, this catwalk queen manages to transform her stumble into a slick dance move during the Zac Posen spring/summer 2011 show in New York.


A model from the Max Azira show takes a rather dramatic dive to the floor during New York Fashion Week 2009.


Over at China Fashion Week in 2010, another model styles it out with a knee slide technique - top marks for innovation.


It's a less than spectacular start to the Peter Som 2009 catwalk in New York for this unsteady model.


It seems it's a devil to wear Prada (or their shoes, at least) at the spring/summer 2009 show, as this model discovers. Credit to the kind gentleman in the front row who tried to save her.


It's all a bit too much for this model on the Betty Jackson show, who ends up emanating our average morning panic (where's my bag, shoes, phone?) on the catwalk during London Fashion Week in 2010.


Agyness Deyn smiles through the pain as her platform shoes let her down during the Naomi Campbell Fashion For Relief Haiti Show in New York, 2010.


The same can't be said for this Antonio Berardi model, whose stumble during London Fashion Week in 2010 looks truly agonizing


It's the merest of mis-footings for one model on the John Richmond catwalk during last year's Milan Fashion Week - were it not for the fact that her dress is about to slip as well...


Heels and a figure-hugging gown prove a lethal combination for this Fashion For Relief model at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.


Pamela Anderson sportingly turns a blind eye as her fashion designer friend Richie Rich lands on his back during his 2009 catwalk show in New Zealand. Roller skates and runways clearly don't mix?


The onlookers wait with baited breath so see if this model's can keep from hitting the runway after a slight wobble as she presents a creation by Italian fashion house Iceberg during Milan Fashion Week in 2007.


This model appears to be doing her best Michael Jackson impersonation at the Marcel Ostertag presentation in Berlin - albeit in towering wedges.


It's a great position for starting a race - but perhaps not so relevant if you're a model on the Emilio Pucci SS09 catwalk in Milan...


A lavish golden creation proves troublesome for this model at the Fashion For Relief show at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.


It's reasssuring for other plummeting models to know that even true pros like Tolula Adeyemi sometimes struggle on the runway - as seen here on the catwalk for the Fashion for Relief show at London Fashion Week 2010.


Even original supermodel Naomi Campbell has hit the runway in her time, as illustrated by this now-iconic image - although, looking at the Vivienne Westwood shoes she's sporting, it's not hard to see why.