25 Criminal Photos Of The Best Looking People Ever, #2 Have Since Been Awarded A Modelling Contract

Criminals aren't all bad-looking guys. Some who have good looks can even start modeling careers. Here are 25 smoking hot people who landed themselves behind bars.


1. This fresh-faced, doe-eyed blonde girl was arrested for a DUI in Fort Wayne, Indiana. But she's acting like what happened was so unfair.


2. This cute blonde was nabbed in Columbus, Ohio on the charge of domestic assault after beating the hell out of her boyfriend when he tried to dump her. Never judge a book by its cover.


3. Jeremy Meeks went behind bars for illegal gun possession of a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol and gang crime. But that didn't stop countless men and women swooning at his model-like features.


Jeremy's picture photoshopped on to a model for Abercrombie&Fitch


Jeremy's image photoshopped on to a model for Calvin Klein


4. This babe got arrested in Reno, Nevada for dealing Ecstasy to an undercover cop. For this one, brains really don't match beauty.


5. Sean Kory was arrested in downtown Santa Cruz on the charge of attacking a person using a tennis racket.


6. This gorgeous blonde was arrested for public intoxication in Idaho. Surely, a beauty like this would have no fun in prison.


7. This handsome guy got locked away for marijuana offenses. But his PERFECT JAW LINE is what really should be illegal.


8. This pretty, redheaded Heisenbergette was arrested on the charge of making and selling crystal meth from her home in Lexington, Kentucky.


9. Another handsome guy, Ah. He was convicted of theft. Apparently, he could carry himself as a model. Why did he choose to be a thief?


10. This blonde babe was caught outside of her ex-boyfriend's house in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Reportedly, she stalked and threatened her ex and his new squeeze. Lady, get over it and let it go!


11. This sexy guy was taken to jail for being "Drunk in Public." Drink responsively, please!


12. This hotty-potatty was locked away on charges of grand theft auto and burglary of an unoccupied structure (unarmed). What a capable man!


13. This real-life Jesse "Sexy" Pinkman was arrested for failing a drug test. But he succeeded in winning my heart.


14. This black-haired beauty was issued a jaywalking ticket. She got so upset that she began beating the arresting officer with her heel. The officer called for backup to get her restrained. What a tough cookie!


15. This brunette beauty was seized in Albuquerque, New Mexico for prostitution. She must be a pretty high-class prostitute looking like that.


16. This man was pulled over for driving with a revoked license. He also drove many women mad with those cheekbones.


17. This cutie got locked away in Bowling Green, Kentucky for a DUI. Come on, baby, drink responsibly and drive safe.


18. This handsome guy looks like he's casting for GQ. In fact, he is a petty theft convict.


19. This serious man was pulled over for burglary.


20. This babe, a high-class stripper, was locked away in Houston, Texas for "violating statutes governing sexually oriented business."


21. This eye-catching makeup junkie was caught ironically for shoplifting cosmetics at a mall in Norfolk, Nebraska. Looking good seemingly meant for her having to break the law.


22. This laughing boy was sent to prison on the charge of "non-moving traffic violation." Does it mean that he stopped traffic with his bright smile?


23. This beauty was pulled over in Sarasota for beating her husband with a toaster as he hadn't cooked her breakfast correctly. OMG, another tough cookie.


24. This boyish looking guy broke the law in many ways, including theft, burglary, furnishing false information to police, possession of firearm, drugs and alcohol.


25. BONUS: A picture of Al Pacino, who's dangerously sexy sneaked in here. Handsome Al Pacino was arrested way back in 1961.