26 Funny Wedding Dresses That Should Have Never Come Down The Aisle

Selecting a wedding dress is one of the most important decisions in a woman's life. Most brides tend to choose beautiful ones, but these 26 brides made some terrible and crazy choices.


1. I'd like to say this is the 'sweetest' dress in the world. Would you like a slice of the bride?


2. To be a mother is a great thing. If you wanna try this one on your wedding day, remember to use clean baby diapers!


3. How would you describe this 'dress'? I will name it 'A Walking Lantern'. Do you agree with me?


4. I guess the meaning of this dress is 'just look at the face on the dress not the bride'.


5. Do you like cupcakes? If the answer is yes, then try this dress and you will be the cupcake queen on your wedding day.


6. We know wedding dresses can be expensive, but you should probably wear something on your wedding day instead of nothing but body paint.


7. Maybe dressing in camouflage is a good choice on your big day after all. No, I'm just kidding.


8. If you choose this one as your wedding dress, I would totally agree that you are getting married for the right reasons, and not to create children out of wedlock.


9. Do you like sheep? If so, dress up like a sheep on your wedding day just as this bride did!


10. It's hard to find a beautiful wedding dress when you're pregnant. Most brides want to cover up their bump but not this one. Would you dare to wear this dress on your wedding day?


11. Perhaps this dress is more suitable at Comic-Con rather than the day of your wedding.


12. So what is the meaning of this dress? Do you wanna some fried squid? Sorry, I don't like seafood.


13. Is this dress from The Hunger Games? I would like to name this 'The Girl on Fire'.


14. Be careful! This donut dress may be melt in hot sun.


15. This wedding dress was designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1965. But how could the bride wave her hands to the guests or eat something?


16. The bride has to watch out for her dress as the guests may use the spoon on her dress.


17. The bride looks like she made the dress by herself. Obviously, she is happy with the result, although her husband looks like he is having second thoughts.


18. You can wear a dress which is covered with graffiti as long as other guests all wear street clothes.


19. I agree that balloons are necessary for a wedding, but is that necessary for a bride to wear a balloon dress on her big day?


20. Please, Please, Please...don't waste paper to make such a dress.


21. I guess the bride wants to be the most beautiful peacock in the world.


22. If you are really fascinated with natural and organic products, then this one would be the perfect dress for you.


23. To be honest, it's better not to wear this dress on your wedding day unless you are really shy to show your face.


24. Compared with others, this dress is actually not quite so crazy.


25. If you choose this dress on your wedding day, please be very careful when you are walking.


26. Well, I totally agree that technology has changed both our lives and the wedding dress.