40 Best Short Layered Haircuts Trending For 2019

Short layered hairstyles can be sweet, sultry and chic because layers can increase the volume of your locks. These look awesome for any occasion and they are suitable for every face shape. Besides, layering your hair can help prevent split ends.

As for pairing with bangs, learn to choose your bangs wisely. For example, people with large foreheads and either oval or pear-shaped faces should choose layered hairstyles with bangs. Additionally, ladies with round or square shaped faces should choose side sweeping bangs.

Now, we are going to introduce to you 40 different varieties of short layered hairstyles that are really hot on the trend scene. Come and get inspired!

1. Classy Layered Pixie

Pixie cuts can be sassy all the time! If you are looking for a playful and edgy style, try this gorgeous choppy pixie. It is easy to style! Tuck the short side hair behind your ear and leave the long side forward. Or, just use a texturizing product for a bedhead.

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