5 Secrets Casinos Don't Want You To Know

If you're like most people in the UK, you'll have noticed all the advertising for Online Casino sites. They are literally everywhere since the government regulated them in December. The question is can you win real money on them, even whilst playing on your mobile ? Lets find out. It would appear that the answer is definitely YES. These online casino sites are rapidly growing in popularity and as a result, they're paying out millions of pounds each day. With all the hype around, we decided to take a closer look. We spoke to an online casino live dealer and now we can tell you 5 things you need to know before you play online or from your mobile in the UK.


Tip 1: Make sure you get 'Free Spins' when you sign up. Everybody loves a win, especially when there's no risk.

Online casino sites fight each other for your business. Here, you can take advantage. Some sites even offer free spins on signup (just for simply registering). Free spins gives you the chance to try out the casino and win money without any risk to yourself. Make sure you play on a site that gives you no risk, FREE SPINS. Your winnings are yours to keep and will be credited straight to your player account, even before you deposited any money with the casino. If you're happy with the site and it's choice of games / customer service levels etc, you'll be highly likely to continue playing and make a deposit of your own. It's a classic case of Try BEFORE you BUY!


Tip 2: High payout rates = much better chances of winning

Find a casino offering the highest payout rates. In a casino, the payout rate tells you how often the casino pays out. Playing at a casino with a high payout rate means that the chances that you will make a win are higher, it's that simple. Some casinos publish these rates on on their website. Publically listed companies publish these figures. Rates of payout usually range from 91% to 97% and sometimes games pay out over 100% for a few days which means they are in your favour for a period of time. The higher the number, the better for you, so keep an eye out for those high percentages.


TIP 3: Play Higher Risk Games in Shorter Bursts for Much Bigger Wins.

Unlike some other casino games, slot machines are purely and simply about luck. However, one well kept secret is that not all games are created to be as risky as the next. One technical term used by casinos is 'variance' which is used in the online casino world to say just how risky a game is. The lower the variance games allow you to win more frequently but the amounts are smaller. High variance games pay out massive amounts, even when you place small bets, but they do it less often. The longer you play, the longer you are exposed to the house edge, so our recommendation is to increase your bet size but do it in small bursts, then change game, do the same and then and come back later. In short, the larger your bets are, the higher your chances of hitting a big win. But you don't want to keep big betting for extended periods of time. Stick to 10-15 mins per slot machine session max.


TIP 4: Progressive Jackpots Make Online Players Millionaires!

The key to winning big is playing on big jackpots, specifically progressive online jackpot slot games. Online casino sites offer a range of progressive jackpot slot games that give you access to HUGE jackpots. Playing on these progressive jackpot games online can make you a millionaire in seconds. Online progressive jackpot slots (just like the one in the photo below) have continually growing jackpots that easily reach over ?1m. These progressive jackpots have been around for well over 15 years and the largest one ever won was almost ?15m by a lucky lady in 2013! That's over 5 times bigger than our national lottery! The key strategy to winning progressive jackpot games, as their odds are less favorable than regular slot games, is to keep your playing time short but always go for the maximum bet. Without a max bet you will not trigger the jackpot, and if you're not playing for the grand prize, the odds of a win are better on the non-progressive slot machines, so play on another game. Mix up your play between all the different slots titles, playing short and lumpy (bigger bets) and you will give yourself the best chance of winning.


TIP 5: NEVER miss out on First Deposit Bonus' offers. Casinos HATE them!

This is the biggest trick you should take a way from this article. You'll NEVER have a better opportunity to win big than with a 'First Deposit Bonus' Online Casinos and Slots sites use these to attract new customers as it's a competitive marketplace for them, but what they do not tell you is this They HATE them! Casino managers up and down the country wish they never existed, but they do and its time for you to know that you can win big by taking advantage.
The UK's best online casino is currently running a 200% First Deposit Bonus in addition to 20 FREE SPINS Welcome Bonus.
This means shortly after you join the casino (usually within a few minutes) you should make your first deposit of ?10 or more and they will add another ?20 to your balance, giving you ?30 in total to play with plus your 20 FREE SPINS. The key advice here is that instead of depositing three times, say 3x?10 in your first week, deposit the full ?30 on your first, single deposit and you'll receive ?90 to play with.
Imagine for a second playing a game such as roulette and putting that ?90 on red. The win opportunity is ?180 and all you risked was ?30 on an almost 50/50 bet. It doesn't get better than this. It's like going head or tails against a friend on a coin toss when they are betting ?180 against your ?30. You'd do it every day of the week! If you can't afford ?30, then stick to ?20, but you should avoid starting with a minimum deposit of ?10 as the casino will flag you as a 'small player' and won't offer you as many bonus promotions. Plus, you won't have such a huge bonus and opportunity to win big.
That about sums up our research, here's a recap..
Find a casino with FREE Spins on Signup (no credit card required)
Take advantage of the first 'deposit bonus' multiply your money five times.
Play slot machines and progressive jackpot games in short bursts but bet as much as you are comfortable with to go for big wins.
For 50/50 opportunities go red or black on roulette.