8 Underwater Discoveries That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

When we are marching towards space, we are ignoring another mysterious world on our own planet. Our knowledge of the ocean is extremely limited and even now we have no idea what is lying on the bottom of the sea. Occasionally and with a bit of luck, we can catch a quick glimpse of this mysterious world. Believe me, you will doubt the definition of reality after seeing the following photos.

1. World War II Plane

Usually, a plane would not be buried at the bottom of the ocean, but this one is a rare case. It is said that this plane ran out of fuel, and its pilot landed in the ocean in order to avoid a crash. The pilot survived, but the skeleton of the plane sank into the unfathomable abyss.


2. The Ghost Fleet

Diving into the ocean is not scary, but meeting with some rusty ghost must be terrifying! The ghost fleet is grave made of World War II victims.


3. Underwater Sculpture Park

In the Caribbean waters of Cancun, Mexico, divers can appreciate the vivid sculptures under the warm water. Resembling an underwater theme park, there are 500 life-sized sculptures standing on the seabed.


4. The Underwater River

How about diving into another river at the bottom of the sea? This sounds crazy, but not improbable. As the fresh top water encounters the salty groundwater, an underwater river is then formed. When you look at these photos, you won't realize the river is underwater. The photos feel like that they were shot at night time.


5. Yonaguni Monument

The mysterious Yonaguni Monument is just several miles off the coast of Japan. Scientists believe the underwater formation could not be natural and is man-made. It can be dated to 5,000 years ago.


6. The Titanic

The Titanic story is not a fictional one (but Jack is merely a fictional figure). The debris of Titanic is now sleeping in the dark ocean.


7. "Ancient" Chinese City

This story has quite a lot of twists and turns. In the Qiandao lake of China, people find an entire city submerged. However, this is not an ancient city, but one intentionally submerged by a construction company.


8. Train Graveyard

Off the coast of New Jersey, a train graveyard was discovered by archeologists in 1985. The found locomotives and train cabins dating back to the 1850's. Unsurprisingly, New Jersey dumped them...