8 Weird Laws Around The World For Travelers

Spain is famous for its lovely vitality, but take care not to wander away from the beach to public streets in your swimsuits. It is against the law in Barcelona. Cover up or change your clothes if you want to go someplace else, otherwise, you will be fined ???120-???300.

1. Watch the pigeons, but don't feed them in Venice

If you plan to travel to this country, keep in mind kissing, hugging, holding hands in public occasions are not allowed in Dubai.There've been tourists thrown in jail for kissing in public. Just enjoy the amorous moments indoor.


2. Pack a breathalyzer in France

It is an offense to bring bibles to Maldives. Any religion other than Islam is forbidden. Make sure not to run afoul of it, or you will be in trouble.


3. Bikinis or Shorts are for the beach only in Barcelona

You may be used to share flats in Airbnb when traveling abroad, but it is illegal in Paris. The local landlords must sign papers before entertaining tourists. You'd better book a decent hotel before departure.


4. Pucker up at your peril in Dubai

Want to catch a smile the last time you depart from Kazakhstan airport? The local police will not be happy. In Kazakhstan, taking photos in and around airports is against the law. What's more, Taking pictures of military and official buildings are frowned upon as well.


5. Leave your bible at home in the Maldives

In India, playing poker is illegal because it would have been suspected of gambling. If you travel in India and join in gambling, be sure to put away your wager. Otherwise, you could face heavy fines and even imprisonment for up to three months.


6. Shared flats are crackdown in Paris

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7. Watch your camera in Kazakhstan


8. Put away your wager in India