A Fan Asked J.K. Rowling Why Dumbledore Was Gay, What She Replied Is The Sweetest Ever

(Shhhh! Don't wake him up. He's a powerful wizard!)

This is J.K. Rowling.

Of course, being a gay is just one part of who Dumbledore is, like being a wizard or having long hair. So Rowling never felt the need to make a big deal out of it in her books. But since Dumbledore is not recognized as gay in the text, a lot of people were ... confused.


She's the author of a popular series of children's books. You might have heard of them.


She has been hailed an 'inspiration'? after she was asked by a young Harry Potter fan why Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore was gay.


a-fan-asked-j-k-rowling-why-dumbledore-was-gay-what-she-replied-is-the-sweetest-ever_3 a-fan-asked-j-k-rowling-why-dumbledore-was-gay-what-she-replied-is-the-sweetest-ever_4

So when a fan tweeted this at Rowling:


She decided to respond. And it was, in a word, powerful and simple:


After Rowling had tweeted her response, the fan wrote back, in a tweet since deleted:


J.K. Rowling weighed in to answer those who thought the fan was out of line with her original tweet.

You know the feeling you get when your sweetheart looks at you with pure love in her eyes? It feels nice, doesn't it?


Rowling said when she revealed Dumbledore's sexuality:


He is my character. He is what he is and I have the right to say what I say about him.