Adorable Bunny Bags From Japan That Will Turn Your Household Items Into Rabbits

1. Like other YOU+MORE! products, these bunnies are not just cute, but well functional. You can cover up your everyday household items in your bathroom or tabletops.


2. You can use these bunny bags to cover up your personal products in your bathroom, or you can cover up half-eaten packets of biscuits, replacing them with a dash of cuteness.


3. Simply put your household items into the bunny cloth, and tie up the bunny ears. Then you magically turn your desk into a cute rabbit.


4. Besides, there is an adorable image of a fluffy tail on each of the bunny bag!


5. There are four types of rabbits for you to collect, including Netherland Dwarf and Chinchilla varieties.


6. And here is what a Miniature Rabbit and Holland Lop Ear like.

A star athlete's heartwarming gesture to a boy he saw sitting alone in the school canteen has gone viral and been shared around the world.


7. Each of the bunny measuring 57 centimetres in length and 44 centimetres in width.


8. They are available on the Felissimo website, and each one can be purchased for 2,678 yen (US$26).