An Elephant Dying In Snare Trap Had Given Up Hope, Then Help Came From Nowhere

An elephant is trapped, exhausted and is on the verge of giving up hope of being rescued. Yet something miraculous happens - rescuers appeared from nowhere to save his life!


The elephant was found in Malawi's Lowonde National Park by rescuers. When they saw the elephant, it was numb with pain.


The wound seemed to be infected, so the rescuers began to remove the brutal snare and treat the wound.


The procedure went well, and the elephant was able to receive treatment.


The rescuers owed the success of rescue to their teamwork and past experience.


The elephant was so lucky that the rescue team arrived when they did and were able to help. The team were prepared to administer further treatment if required.


One of the rescuers said the snares can do massive damage to such a big animal. This elephant must have been in a tremendous amount of pain.


With help and treatment from the team the elephant recovered quickly. Two days later, he was spotted at the watering hole with his herd.