A True Masterpiece Of The Dead Sea


1. The project is a series of eight large color prints by Sigalit Landau.


2. The project is called Salt Bride and was inspired by S. Ansky's 1916 play called Dybbuk. It is said the garment is the replica of a traditional garment worn by the protagonist in the play.


3. Sigalit Landau had documented the incredible transformation, with the growing salt crystals adhering to the gown at three-month intervals.


4. This masterpiece is now on display at Marlborough Contemporary in London.


5. Sigalit Landau has also created a smaller version called "Small Salt Bride" which is a bridesmaid dress.


6. Workers are seen here lifting "Small Salt Bride" from the water of the Dead Sea in 2014.

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7. The salt has added hundreds of pounds of weight over three months.

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8. Sigalit Landau is getting ready for her new project in the Dead Sea after creating "Salt Bride".

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