Cat With Only Two Legs Will Bunny-Hop His Way Into Your Heart

Life is never easy, but we should keep moving forward no matter what. Able, an adorable kitten without front legs, has set the best example of what to do when life gives you lemons.

1. At just a year old, Able tripped on a loose wire while trying to catch a bird on the roof.


2. The poor kitty lost both his tail and front legs from the accident.


3. Thankfully, a kind woman by the name of Sriboonvorakul took the cat in off the streets of Thailand.


4. Thanks to the kind-hearted woman's love and great care, Able managed to make a full recovery two years later.


5. Sriboonvorakul said, "We called him 'Able' because he can do everything just like the other animals."

6. By everything, they mean everything including jumping to high heights, chasing other cats, and even climbing stairs.

7. The story doesn't stop there. Able also has a cat sibling named Fin who can't use her hind legs.

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8. Nonetheless, Fin doesn't let that stop her.


9. The two have literally got opposite leg problems yet they complete each other.