Disabled Farm Animal Finds Hope In The Most Unlikely Place

We might not be skilled in the languages of our pets, but that doesn't mean other animals can't give it a shot. Baby was a blind rescue cow who would cry for days on end, and the rescue team couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. But a very unlikely pal cracked the case...


The animal sanctuary, Don't Forget Us Pet Us in Massachusetts was a long-time home of a blind rescue cow named Baby. Unable to see, Baby had to be cared for the rest of her life. Luckily, the sanctuary's owner, Deb Devlin has been the one to give her that round-the-clock care.


While Baby was generally content, something wasn't quite right with her. She was lonely as there were no other cows at the sanctuary. After moping around day after day, Deb got an idea: introducing Baby to another animal.


Then entered Lulu, a pig, whose legs were broken when she was just a piglet. Though Lulu and Baby were different species, they both had special needs, and they had similar backgrounds, too - both were rescued from slaughterhouses.


"I didn't think the pig would be aggressive to the cow, and the pig was plenty sturdy. If the cow accidentally bumped into her, (Lulu) would be OK," Deb explained. To tell whether they'd become friends, there was only one way: have them meet!


Much to Deb's surprise, Baby and Lulu bonded immediately! "I had tried to pair Baby up with other animals, and it just didn't work," Deb also explained. She and the other caretakers crossed their fingers that this unlikely friendship would work out.


For the following eight years, Baby and Lulu formed a tight bond. Rarely separated, they actually did everything together! Even mealtime wasn't routine, but rather a chance to chow down with a friend. The two displayed a friendship that astounded everyone at the facility.


While the other animals at the sanctuary had free range to go as they pleased, Lulu and Baby had to enjoy themselves much closer to home, due to their respective handicaps. Thanks to Lulu, the seeing-eye pig, Baby's blindness wasn't as much of an issue - until one dreadful day.


Lulu died, and Baby was left in the dark once again. Without her best friend to get her around, Baby's demeanor changed almost instantly. "After Lulu's passing, Baby moped for two days. She also walked in circles frantically, hitting the fencing," Deb recalled.


Growing worried, Deb tried to accompany Baby with various other animals, but nothing seemed to be able to make up for the loss of Lulu. Yet, just when all hope seemed lost, another rescued animal arrived at the sanctuary.


It was a baby calf! Deb couldn't wait to get the two animals acquainted. "The day the calf arrived, I had set up two small areas divided by an eight-foot gate. I was hoping to acclimate the two side by side first," she explained.


Deb hoped the two would get along with one another. "Baby could get used to her noises, movement, smell, sounds... She was so in tune to those things, not having her sight." Deb was anxious, but she soon learned that she didn't have to be.


"When the calf was unloaded into her small pen, she was nervous and timid. She quickly saw Baby and she blasted that gate off its hinges." Deb recalled. "It was still secured on one side by a chain so she jumped the four-foot width of the gate and ran to Baby's side."


Just like that, Baby's spirits were up. She took the little calf under her wing. "The bond was immediate, the love instant, and even though Baby has never had a baby. She takes care of, protects and nurtures this little calf... all the things Lulu did for her. It's so incredible!" Deb said.


Now, the pair of cows are recovering together. Baby and Lulu's friendship was truly one-of-a-kind, and nothing could replace her beloved Lulu in her heart. With the little calf by her side though, Baby seemed to find a way to continue that precious friendship.