Look Closely, Things Are Not As They Appear

Look at the tiny little details in her feet, nails, and wrinkles. It's incredible. Also, the expressiveness of her eyes and face left us awestruck.

This work is certainly impressive. The unique shine of the newborn's hair, clenched little fists and eyelids of the woman and the baby.... is just astonishing!


Excuse me, sir, are you sleeping at the museum?


This man looks pretty gloomy. Hey, what are you looking at?


The drops are not real. Have a look at the pores and texture of the skin. It's hard to believe they are made of resin and oil!


Pick your jaws up off the floor and then grab the tissues. In Michelle Obama's final state dinner, She looks absolutely stunning in a shimmering rose gold dress. There is so much to miss about the Obamas. Here's a look at some of Michelle Obama's best state dinner moments:


1. At a dinner in Brandon Maxwell in August 2016 in honor of the prime minister of Singapore.


2. A blush pink Naeem Khan gown at the Nordic state dinner at the White House in 2016.